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By nariz


In an earlier blog by Gattina, she mentioned that wolves had been seen in the area and she had wolf-like footprints in her garden. I know there are still wolves in Spain, but I didn’t think they’d come down into our village. Our neighbours called by this morning and asked if we’d heard ‘anything’ during the night. I sleep like a log anyway, but Partner said he’d not heard anything unusual. It transpired that they found five of their goats, who were in a derelict barn for the night, dead with their throats torn! Their two dogs had NOT set up a manic barking spree as they often do when a paper bag blows through the village, but …. our local Council has decreed that mountain village street lights go off between 1.00 am and 5.00 am in order to conserve energy (and cost) so it seems that predatory animals are not being scared off by the lights of villages and the possibility of people being around. Scary!

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The wolves used to come down to the outskirts of the town where I lived in L'Aquila, Abruzzo (too many years ago to say)...they raked the bins at night - but only in winter. As soon as the lambing season started they went up the mountain.

Never saw one...but heard some howling...

Perhaps it's best not to go out after dark for a while, Nariz!

27 Apr, 2012


Oh!!!! I don`t like the sounds of that Nariz, strange that the dogs didn`t bark isn't it? You best not go wandering around after dark..

27 Apr, 2012


Hi Nariz ...
...haven't seen you around lately.
I hope everyone stays safe !!!

27 Apr, 2012


What a shame , Nariz ; your poor neighbours . A bit scarey , that though .
How are you Karen ? Not heard form you for a while .

27 Apr, 2012


Oh no Nariz . . . how dreadful. Your poor neighbours must have been devastated. Hope they can think of something to prevent it happening again.

27 Apr, 2012


See what happens when they panic about saving money. I hope no more damage will be done by the woolves, but it really isn't their fault. That's just how they are. It seems people will need to take more care of their property from now on.

27 Apr, 2012


You lived in L'Aquila, Karenfrance? Did you know any of the family Lorenzetti?? They are my son's in-law's family!

27 Apr, 2012


I feel so sad for my neighbours for all the care they lavish on their animals, then this happens! Apparently they let the correct authorities know and, during yesterday, a couple of Wardens came to the village to check things out. Hopefully there'll be some kind of recompense for our neighbours' loss - I know there is if bears get at beehives, and maybe the wardens will track the wolves and somehow make them move further up the mountains away from the villages. I'm staying in!

28 Apr, 2012


It is a shame Nariz, but Hywel's right - they just don't have enough to eat in the winter or they would stay in the mountains...I wonder if there are any natural deterrants...or maybe 'sacrificial lambs' deposited further away?

They put bales of hay on the high ground here in an effort to stop deer from raiding gardens and land...but, that's not quite the same thing, really...

Hi Sheila, I was just a slip of a girl at the time. The memory's not what it was and I have difficulty in recalling even the first names of the people I knew then. Does your daughter live in L'Aquila?

28 Apr, 2012


Oh thats not good Nariz take care and lets hope they turn the lights on again after this incident!

28 Apr, 2012


Never mind Karenfrance, it was just a thought . . . my daughter-in-law lives in Australia, as do her her mum and dad who are both from huge families (7 or 8 siblings each) who still live in l'Aquila. I've never met anyone else who's heard of it, that's why I asked!

Sorry Nariz for using your blog (or mis-using it) :))

28 Apr, 2012


And they talk about re introducing wolves back into the UK!
Love as I do....they are very wild and hungry also!

28 Apr, 2012


You're very welcome, Sheila.

28 Apr, 2012

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