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Squirrels unusual diet


By neellan


I was watching the squirrel sitting on the wall munching away then he dropped a piece of what looked like a bulb and i thought he’d been digging in my pots again, he scampered off to the bird bath and then on to the peanut holder so seeing my chance I went out to see what bulb he had been eating……… it was an empty snail shell!

I didn’t know Squirrels ate snails, well you live and learn, he will be even more welcome in my garden if snails are part of his diet!!

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Well I knew kookaburras like munching on snails, but I wouldn't have guessed a squirrel would enjoy them! Wonders will never cease! Maybe they taste better than we think!!!!

17 May, 2010


I didn't know they ate snails either. Fascinating :o)

17 May, 2010


I always thought like yous that they were carnivours.

17 May, 2010


Was he French I`m wondering? lol.

17 May, 2010


I was really surprised Bernie, fascinating indeed Hywel I know they eat the peanuts at an alarming rate!
You could be right Stroller the channel tunnel has a lot to answer for lol
There are two squirrels here everyday they look like young ones so perhaps he was experimenting?

17 May, 2010


Thanks for liking my little blog Dylandog and Geniusscuffy

Can anyone confirm that snails are a part of squirrels regular diet?

17 May, 2010


I have read on the net one said they do another says they don't so which do we believe.

18 May, 2010


well you learn something new every day lol ,
i wouldnt have known that squirrels like snails.
do you want me to send some over Neena, dont want the poor squirrel to starve lol

18 May, 2010


Lol Eileen they would never starve here......snail heaven here! but thanks for the offer!

I believe my own eyes 6d lol

18 May, 2010


perhaps he has an acquired taste..i suppose a change is as good as a rest,
they must get fed up with the same old diet, so perhaps he was
experimenting... a little delicacy....i wonder if they enjoyed it or not? LOL

18 May, 2010


They have certainly been back on the peanuts today so i wonder Freesia lol

18 May, 2010

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