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My Village Had a NGS Garden Open Day


By neellan


The village is in North Wales and we hold this event each year, there is also a competition for the best scarecrow so they pop up here and there to bring a smile –
Here are just a few.

The village street with lovely hanging baskets

the view from one of the village gardens

Astilbe around a lovely wildlife pond

A beautiful Crocosmia Lucifer

A Rose lined path to welcome visitors

Cute water feature

Pretty circular bed in a front garden

David Austin Rose Nostalgia? pretty one anyway

Hydrangea Aspera a really dark blue

Delicate pink edged Hydrangea

Tropaeoleum climbing through a Yew

Tiny Chocolate Foxglove

A rare Bramble with fluffy pink flowers arching over the wall

A lush corner

Love this tall dark Hollyhock

The sundial marks naught but sunny hours!

A lovely shady spot to enjoy a drink or two

A quick trip around the village gardens, there were eight to visit, all different sizes and all just delightful, I hope you enjoyed looking at them with me.

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Every picture is gorgeous Neellan

29 Jul, 2014


What a wonderful sense of community you have. I wish I could see more of this in the USA. Unfortunately, as time goes on I see less and less.

29 Jul, 2014


I hope you had a lovely cream tea, too! I really enjoy looking at all the different gardens opening as a group, and you did too - thank you for sharing.

29 Jul, 2014


Beautiful blog Neelan, love the fun scarecrows really inventive!

The gardens look gorgeous, all so different.....that rose is glorious as are the gardens basking in the sunshine

29 Jul, 2014


What a pretty village you live in,Neellan..and the gardens and scarecrows have had so much thought put into them...I love each and every one ,especially those Achillea's around the Sundial . I have been thinking about getting some of those colours..Glad you had such a lovely day.:o) x

29 Jul, 2014


Thank you Klahanie the sunshine helped :o)

Thank you Loosestrife a shame you don't have these special days in the US but glad you enjoyed this visit :o)

Thankyou Spitzhenry But of course Coffee and homemade Chocolate Cake is a must - at first stop actually! a lovely afternoon out :o)

Thank you Pam it really was a well organized and happy afternoon in the sunshine admiring the gardens and a smile enroute with the scare crows too :o)

Thank you Bloomer it is very picturesque here we are in an AONB there was also a plant stall with a lovely plants grown locally and bunches of sweet peas for sale, the Achilleas are lovely in those peachy shades I agree :o)

Thank you for liking TT, Bjs, Kasy and Jaykaty :o)

29 Jul, 2014


I waslooking at the scarecrows again and in photo5 the parachutist looks for all the world to be resting his feet on the house roof and gable end....?

29 Jul, 2014


Some of our villages do this occasionally and I always enjoy wandering round to see what other people are doing in their gardens. I loved seeing your village gardens and the scarecrows are brilliant. Thank you for the tour :)

29 Jul, 2014


It took me a while to fathom ANOB,Neellan..I thought maybe,Another Neellan Outstanding Blog ! Lol..not that it isn't :o) x

29 Jul, 2014


Lol Pam it was his angle of dangle from where I took the picture :o)

Thank you Gee glad you enjoyed it, it was really nice to wander around the gardens, a free mini bus took visitors to the one garden on the edge of the village :o)

Lol Bloomer thanks for that :o) in case anyone else was puzzled it standss for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty :o)

Thank you for liking Lijemc and Drc :o)

29 Jul, 2014


It must be nice to have an event like that in your village every year. The gardens were pretty and I liked the first scarecrow lol :D

30 Jul, 2014


Thank you Hywel it is a lovely event and the sun shone this year too! I liked that scarecrow too he seemed so jolly :D

30 Jul, 2014


Thank you for liking Marybells :o)

30 Jul, 2014


Thank you for liking Samjp :o)

1 Aug, 2014


Thank you for liking Shirleytulip and Daylily :o)

2 Aug, 2014


I wish we had another garden to open with.....gets to be quite lonely.. I thought t he scarecrows were great fun, so clever.
Great photos great blog.

3 Aug, 2014


Thank you Dottydaisy pleased you enjoyed the blog visit! :o)

3 Aug, 2014


What a fab show - I think I recognise one or two of the houses Neena! I like the Long John Silver scarecrow with the parrot on his shoulder! Have added to my faves... ;o)

30 Sep, 2014


Hi Tracey I thought you might!! it was a lovely day and sunny too thank you for "faving"! :o)

30 Sep, 2014

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