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witness to murder?


By neellan


Early this morning my husband witnessed the weirdest thing a wood pigeon has a nest in the norway spruce at the side of the bungalow and was bobbing away hubby thought he/she was feeding her young but it went on for so long and there was so much flapping and the flapping wing was black and white Eventually the flapping stopped and the pigeon flew off with a magpie in his claws into the wooded mountain behind us
Later he/she came back to tend to the young ones he/she presumably saved from the magpie’s wicked intentions i don’t like magpies much but i’m not so keen on wood pigeons now either
I suppose its natural instinct but i’d rather not know!!

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Magpies kill so many chicks of other birds tho. A mob of them moved in around us and wiped out the whole population of common garden birds. For the latter part of the '90's we had no dawn chorus apart from the cawing of magpies as all the adult birds left the area. You can't really blame the wood pigeon for defending it's family. Magpies are striking birds, but I wonder if they were all black like their cousins rooks and crows, would they be held in such affection ?
We now have a good selection of birds as the majority of magpies moved on.

19 Jun, 2009


Like you, I have strong dislike of magpies - a legacy from my mother. A mob of them have moved in near us, but luckily we live near a nature reserve that is home to a few birds of prey who may well see them off.

20 Jun, 2009

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