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By neellan


I went to visit my son, daughter in law and grandchildren today in their new home they live 10 minutes away. I was delighted when turning into the drive to see a mass of snowdrops

Ours haven’t appeared yet!

The difference in weather over such a short distance is due to the mountain in between !! We had all this snow they had green fields isn’t nature wonderful!

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How lovely that they all live so close ... you'll be able to pop over all the time! Isn't it weird that there can be such differences in conditions in such a small area ... that mountain obviously has a great effect on the weather you both experience. Those snowdrops are a great sight ... how lovely it will be when they all open.

29 Jan, 2010


Thanks Bernieh yes lovely that we all live so close it was a suprise to see so many snowdrops I just said wow and of course the camera was out in a jiffy -well on the way home actually!

29 Jan, 2010


Lol .. great you had your camera with you!

29 Jan, 2010


never without it nowadays Bernieh - just in case!

29 Jan, 2010


He ... he!... I popped mine in my bag yesterday on the way to work! Never done that before ... but I did get some shots of the localised flooding we're experiencing with all the rain this week. I was about to post them when I spotted your blog ... might go and do that now.

29 Jan, 2010


I'll watch for it but off to bed now enjoy your day!

29 Jan, 2010


It`s great to see the snowdrops making there appearance Neena, after all the snow & frost lovely pics:~))

29 Jan, 2010


Beautiful Neellan, would love to have a big drift of snowdrops like that. I keep adding each year but it will take ages go get such a show.

29 Jan, 2010


It's lovely to see them :o)
My snowdrops have just come through. I saw them yesterday. I hope yours will not be long before appearing.

We had similar weather here before Christmas - green fields where I live but thick snow where my brother lives 6 miles away.

29 Jan, 2010


How lovely Neellan. What a lovely welcome to them in their home, very apt.
It must lovely to have them so close, for them and youNo sign of our's yet here in Norfolk.

29 Jan, 2010


Snowdrop Valley on Exmoor opens on Sunday - so they must have them out.

I have two clumps in the garden in full bloom now - but many of the others are just little green spikes still. They are a treat to see, aren't they.

What a pleasure for you when you visit!

29 Jan, 2010


lovely to see so many..

29 Jan, 2010


I have just found my first clump of snowdrops I thought they must be there somewhere.I also found a dead frog!

29 Jan, 2010


i love snowdrop time.

29 Jan, 2010


Thank you Rita they were a most welcome surprise
Pamd they will have been there for years it is a very old property shame it takes so long isn't it!

Hywel amazing isn't it how the weather can be so variable I'm glad your snowdrops are out for you :o))

Mad I hope your Norfolk snowdrops appear soon too It is great all three of my grown up children live within 10 miles!

Spritzh Thanks yes I enjoyed every minute! will you be visiting the exmoor snowdrop valley? I bet it's a beautiful sight.

Clarice I just love to see them covering a whole area like this too

Mavisc Lovely for you to find your snowdrops not so good to find eeek a dead frog!

Seaburngirl Thank you I do too :o))

Thankyou everyone for liking this touch of early spring :o))

29 Jan, 2010


Beautiful sight,so many as well. Pleased to say mine have begun to flower I was ecstatic and rushed indoors for my camera as well.....As to the frogs, I think there must be some activity going on in my bottom pond because little rogue Brynner wont leave it alone, I think I`ll have to make another frame and net the pond before he ruins it...........

30 Jan, 2010


Thankyou Lincslass lovely to see them isn't after all the dreadful weather I hope Brynner wont be too upset with you for spoiling his pond fun, frogs will be chuffed no doubt lol

30 Jan, 2010

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