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By neellan


This morning I heard a Cuckoo he was Cuckooing away for a good while despite the mist and rain that has been with us here all day.

Cuckoo is always a cheering sound usually heralding spring but he is a bit late this year.

Just thought I’d share this with you I was so pleased to hear him he was up here

in the spinney somewhere

I hope I hear him again tomorrow !!

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I agree...,the sound of a cuckoo is so pretty & melodious, a joy to listen to
at is late Neellan, but, then everything is late this year!!
I also love the sound of the Blackbird, especially, in the evening, when every
thing is quite....his song is so tuneful....what would we do without Birdsong?
I do hope, your cuckoo, comes back to sing for you again Neellan..
Your first pic is lovely, so peaceful looking...: > )))

5 May, 2010


I,ve not heard much from the cuckoo for a few years just one " cuckoo" last year as if he was flying over :o(

6 May, 2010


It's great to hear it. To me it means the spring has arived. I haven't heard one yet .

6 May, 2010


How lovely to hear it... i havnt heard a cuckoo since i moved from surrey 9 years ago...

6 May, 2010


I have'nt heard one for years....

6 May, 2010


Freesia I agree Blackbird singing in the evening is such a delight, the pic you liked is the view from the bank at the top of my garden the spinney is also up there, alas I didn't here him today..maybe tomorrow!
Pam, Hywel, Holly and Carol I wonder why the heralder of Spring is so rare a sound nowadays I'm suprised as you cover quite an area of Britain between you :o(

Thank you Drc for liking:o)

6 May, 2010


Not heard a cuckoo for years Neellan....lovely haunting sound.............

6 May, 2010


Aw BB sorry about that, I am really suprised I thought folks would be saying I heard one weeks ago..... or some such comments, I agree it is a haunting sound :o)

6 May, 2010


Where my son lives just a ten minute drive from me, he hears one, but I don't

6 May, 2010


Thanks Sixpence shame you miss out :o(

6 May, 2010


May be one day, I get other birds instead lol I can hear a cockrel crowing every day and have visits from gold finches, green finches and blue tits and great tits, occationally a Bull finch,sparrows, as I have a wild life conserve at the rear, so I have my fair share lol.

6 May, 2010



6 May, 2010


I have heard the is mainly when i am weeding or pottering
around the garden, it is a wonderful sound, am so glad i am privileged
having this little visitor in my garden....i do hope you get your visitor back
Neellan...fingers crossed for you. : >)))

8 May, 2010


Dont think they travel up to Yorkshire much reed beds and reed warblers nests perhaps our rivers too fast we dont get those large reed beds -fascinating bird .

8 May, 2010


I agree Freesia I've not been in much today so not had an opportunity to listen out for Cuckoo today :o(

I didn't realise they went for reed warblers nests BB I was wondering which of "my" birds home she was laying her egg in! I agree fascinatiing bird :o)

8 May, 2010

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