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Young Bali, the battlefield and pots.


By neily


Let me introduce Young (always will be) Bali, our 9.5 stone, 8 year old, Pyrenean Mountain dog, and avid compost muncher. When did we discover Bali would rather munch John Innes finest rather than play with his Jumbone? That would be the Monday, after work, having spent all Sunday creating new pots around the garden. We got home from work to be greeted with a black faced, black pawed, black maned, tail wagging lummox of a dog who was obviously proud of his afternoons work. Just to round off the carnage, he had of course been sick as well, lovely. Not a pot was left standing, not a recently jet washed paving stone left un marked and not a root left to save. The battle was on.
After major thinking the plan was – top all pots with a mixture of grit, pepper and on the larger ones – ornate stones. This appears to be working.
Big thanks to Bali though. Without his intervention I would not have investigated ‘BIG’ plants, and am now hooked on Mussa Bajoo’s, Cordylines and especially Dicksonia Antarctica’s. These Bali cannot attack but seems quite happy glaring at the 6ft Fern Tree as it blocks his path to the side of the conservatory. That makes us about even I believe.
Mind you I am concerned, the Mussa has recently seen the sun again having been winter wrapped and looks dreadfull, the DA old frongs are crispy brown with the new ones still small stumps, and I can’t blame young Bali for that, or can I………………..

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Neily,sorry,but I had to smile,although it wouldn't be funny at the time.I have never heard of a dog doing that before.Was there some "bone"meal in?.(groan,bad joke).It looks like Bali is forgiven anyway,as I'm sure you couldn't stay mad at him for long,how could you,looking at his lovely face? he is gorgeous..:o))

21 Apr, 2010


dog's wee makes leaves go brown is he tall enough :o))

made me smile too. used to have an airedale that dug holes under fences and would strut around outside. caught hi crawling back under. the look of guilt was so funny.

21 Apr, 2010


Our pets love to help out don't they :o))

21 Apr, 2010


'Help?' indeed they do don't they Hywel. A friend of mine has two young German Shepherds. The biggest 'help' they gave was digging a hole so big the bottom steps of his decking collapsed into a six foot hole.
What goes through their minds?
Guilty look is something Young Bali never bothers with, no need. His 'mum' says 'ahhh', hugs him, kisses his nose, and blames me for whatever it is Bali has done.
Busy morning b4 work - uncovering the pots and removing other pots from the shed as we were supposed to get a frost last night. Frost? I've had colder Saunas. Anyone else dispair of the weather experts? I use Metcheck, Windmap and as a last resort the BBC.

22 Apr, 2010


I find the forecast is not very accurate. It either does the opposite of what they say, or we've already had it, or we get it a few days later lol.

22 Apr, 2010


Sorry I had to laugh too at the thought of your dog eating compost!!

22 Apr, 2010


Ah well, still going to cover the pots and move others into the shed again tonight, just to be safe!

Laugh? I was laughing so hard I nearly cried.

22 Apr, 2010


LOL Hahahahahaha
Sorry but your blogs make me laugh.
I can just picture Bali sat there waiting for you looking innocent and so pleased with himself.

5 May, 2010

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