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chamaer..humi.. nope, gone again


By neily


My memory obviously does not wish to travel with me on this gardening journey of exploration and knowledge accumulation.

Being new to all things plants I considered it only good manners to remember our new garden residence by their assigned names, i.e. The Banana Tree, Goochers, and its HCGW (Hard Core Green Welly) name – Musa Basjoo. Fine, until I saw a European Fan Palm – Chamaerops Humilis. Now can I remember this name? No. Either word, yes. Both at the same time, no, not if my I was offered the new Audi Spyder as a prize, (Have you seen that car? Dear Gods I want one). It’s got to the point where I have texted those two words to myself, just so I can keep glancing at them.

I can only think either I am not the genius I have considered myself to be these last 48 years, obviously unlikely, or I am missing a trick here. I’m ready for any suggestions for remembering these strange names. I did believe French and German at school were lessons devised by particularly sadistic teachers so it is possibly a language issue, I’m also left handed if that adds any explanation.

Our Phoenix Canariensis I have made ‘stick’ by, (and please keep with me here, it’s easier to remember this way than it is to type the explanation), Phoenix = Phoenix Nights – brilliant comedy, Canarie = one of the Boss’s many favourite holiday destinations, and nsis = NCIS, a particular favourite police TV programme, fine that works nicely.

The end of May signals a visit to Architectural Plants at Chichester and Horsham. Check out the website and book by Christine Shaw – both Fabulous. I need to remember the names of plants I want; reading them off a scrap of paper really isn’t the way to go is it.

Apart from this issue, all is well at Bali Towers; all plants are still routed in their pots – Young Bali has his own digging area, which appears to keep him away from the pots (or it could be the mini spicy sausages he found in The Boss’s handbag), the new fence panels set the garden off nicely, the recently repotted Cordylines appear to have settled in well, Goochers has turned a nice healthy green stalk with shoots appearing at the base and there are at least 9 new frongs on Brandon, the Fern Tree.

Fern Tree? HCGW name = Dicksonia Antarctica. I proudly informed The Boss how I remembered this name and rather than waves of congratulations I received a slap and was informed tea would be delayed. Charming.

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I'm in the process of writing down my plants as I find out what they are so i'm no help but had to say thank you for making me chuckle LOL

5 May, 2010


A good blog,Neily,and had me smiling,as I know just what you mean Lol...Hope tea was worth waiting for :o)))

5 May, 2010


I have difficulty remembering some names aswell. Sometimes I just give up.

5 May, 2010


I'm using the garden facility on this site, although it doesn't always find the particular species. Ah well.
Tea? not really, no, even Bali refused it and this is a dog that thinks compost should be made by Winalot.
Brilliant thanks Hywel, there really is no hope then.

6 May, 2010


I wouldn't say that lol. Maybe you'll remember some :o)
I make my own names up sometimes - Like when I had a plant given to me by someone called Kathy. I don't know it's name so I call it a Kathy plant. :o)

6 May, 2010

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