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a childhood´s love: NOW BLOOMS


By nelke


This is the happy end: It´s all over the containers of my balcony. With limy or sour earth, with poor or fertilized soil: all the seeds seem to come. Photo below.
In the garden of my grandfather, there were very tiny red flowers (and blue ones too), both Anagallis arvensis. The blue is rare now, I´ve never seen it since then. These flowers were the little queens of all the other beauty,- for me.
The red one is with an orange heart and violet ground, which opens in orange-red petals. And the petals even have fringes. I found it in a book, later. And last year I asked all my colleges owning bigger gardens, to look, if they had it or not. I said: I give every price. Find it.
One day, I had of course forgotten over this, I came quite frustrated into the team-room, and a college sayed: Now, don´t look like this in the morning. And she gave to me a pot with two of the red ones, even about to flower. She didn´t want anything, of course, but I gave her some seedlings of a dark Crimsonia.
I settled my Anagallis, they had many flowers and seeds, and this photo shows: they come back! And I can´t wait…..

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Wonderful story, Nelke.
Your grandfather would be delighted..
I hope one day you also find the blue flowers..

25 Apr, 2009


Great blog enjoyed it .

25 Apr, 2009


I'm glad you founf the Anagallis at last. They look nice plants.

25 Apr, 2009


Bet you are delighted,keep looking for the other one.........

25 Apr, 2009


I too grow some plants because they remind me of my grandfather, London Pride is one and the yellow Dicentra reminds me of my grandmother, childhood influences!

25 Apr, 2009


Thank You all! Sewinkilla, what is London Pride?

And: The blue one...maybe. My colleg - I love her as well ! - said, maybe she has seen it...

25 Apr, 2009


Oooh, might get the blue one yet...

London Pride is Saxifraga umbrosa....
I also associate this with my childhood garden...

25 Apr, 2009


Hi, TT. Saxifr. umb. is another favorite of mine. They already come. One week, and they flower!

25 Apr, 2009


That will be great...
Other flowers I recall from my childhood garden are Lily of the Valley and cornflowers. Do you know those ?

25 Apr, 2009


Cornflowers I know. My father told me the name, when we went through the fields outside of the city. Lily of the Valley, I´ve heart it, but don´t know. But I love most Lilies. One looks like a turkisch turban.

25 Apr, 2009


Lily of the valley is small and sweet scented....
Convallaria majalis...

25 Apr, 2009


Sorry to be difficult, but London Pride is Saxifraga x urbium....

25 Apr, 2009


Oooo i started something there didn't i !

26 Apr, 2009

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