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A Quiet Weekend


Last weekend was a manic panic weekend of edging and weeding before my family and friends descended on me for my birthday. I was completely focused on making the garden as beautiful as possible for everyone else and to prove that I could really do it.

Today my adult children are both going away for the weekend and my fiance and his smaller children are heading off to the Battle of Britain Air Show in Kent and won’t be back until Sunday. For the first time in an absolute age its just me at home. I used to fret about what I would do with my time but now I can see a glorious weekend in my garden stretching out in front of me.

I hadn’t realised that fresh air and hard work could be such a tonic. Who knew that watching a bulb sprout from the ground and show its leaves way before it poked a bloom up into the sky could be better than any TV programme.

I even have started to develop favourites…my dahlias are amazingly intricate and the varieties I have are all so different. I have a dahlia called Gregory. His petals are almost impatient to come out and burst through all spikey.

I have others that look like a child has drawn her first flower. This may be old news to all my new friends on here but to a new gardener all this is all groundbreaking stuff !

I’ve dabbled in some potted veg and I have corn and courgettes coming on. I have mange tout sprouting and they taste delicious. Its all a revelation to me.

I think I may change my name from New_At_This to Loving_This because I feel contented and happy.

I can’t wait to see what comes up next !

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Ah yes, you've definitely got the bug ... I like your Dahlias. Did you grow them from seeds ? I sowed the seeds this year but they haven't flowered yet.
Enjoy your week end in the garden. I hope the weather stays nice for you :)

7 Jul, 2017


Thankyou Hywel :)

Gregory was a present. I thought they were joking when I was told he was called Gregory but its real.

I have a bed full of dahlias that I grew from seed with my mum, her garden is fabulous ! Something I definitely aspire to !


7 Jul, 2017


Your blogs are a joy and I think we are all sharing your excitement and appreciating our plants all over again!. Changing your name is a good idea - only a few days ago I was thinking your present one won't be appropriate much longer!

7 Jul, 2017


that is what I love about plants, watching developments and seeing different flower forms. Gregory is a cactus flowered form.

Your enthusiasm is fantastic. enjoy the weekend in the garden.

7 Jul, 2017


I love your photos,they are lovely,have a good weekend.

7 Jul, 2017


Your blogs always make me smile NAT. I remember when I first started ....30 years ago now. I was exactly the same. Everything was such a joy and a revelation. Enjoy your weekend in the garden. I had a lovely few hours in mine as well today. :)

7 Jul, 2017


I've been gardening now for 9 years and I still have that feeling of awe, but as Steragram says, your obvious joy is making us remember that wonderful feeling when we first started gardening. Watching a plant form a bud, then open is amazing. Our neighbours probably think we are a bit loopy as we get excited every time a new flower opens! lol.

You are so lucky with your beautiful Dahlias, I am so jealous. They are my absolute favourite, but I've had such a battle with the slugs over the years and I'm trying really hard not to use slug pellets, I've given up on trying to grow Dahlias. The slugs have won!

Enjoy your weekend and make the most of the garden. I'm sure you will!

7 Jul, 2017


Thank you all. My family Can't believe I'm soppy over a few flowers....but it's more than's nurturing and looking after something and then it rewards you with flowers, fruit, vegetables and scents. I think that's a pretty good return on a bit of elbow grease :)

7 Jul, 2017


Thanks for the link. It's beautiful :)

7 Jul, 2017


I love being part of this group :)

7 Jul, 2017


I'm glad you enjoy it :) I hope you stick around for a long time. It's nice to be friendly and share our gardens and knowledge :)

8 Jul, 2017


Oh I do wish I had your energy, NAT. At least I can share in your enthusiasm as I sit in my armchair!

The courgettes are doing well!

8 Jul, 2017


I'm surprised I'm not driving you all bonkers with my questions :)

8 Jul, 2017


Not at all ... that's what the site is for.

9 Jul, 2017

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