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do you have OCGD?


OCGD-obsessive compulsive gardening disorder. i’m talking to you…yes, you….right there in front with the trowel in your hand and potting soil on your nose. answer these questions honestly; it’s for your own good.

1. do you put your empty plant containers out with the neighbor’s trash on garbage day so your spouse won’t know how many plants you bought this week?

2. have you ever been late to work because you went outside in the morning to “do a little weeding?”

3. have you gardened by flashlight?

4. do your plant expenditures for april, may, and june exceed your grocery expenditures for the same period?

5. if you could choose to meet one of these people, would you pick:
a. mother theresa (saint)
b. michael jordan (athlete)
c. donald trump (millionaire) or
d. gertrude jekyll (old, dumpy, dead garden designer
and writer wearing a silly hat with a bird on it)

there’s no scoring system. you know who you are. seek professional help before it’s too late; it’s already too late for me…

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In that case I have to say - No, I don't have OCGD. But I love my garden and everything feathered that flies into it. I almost burst with pride when I look at my lunch or dinner and say to myself "I grew that!" The only concession I can make to any 'gardening disorder' is that when we visit Spain's equivalent of B&Q I can always be found in the gardening department with a stupid expression on my face! ;o)

22 Oct, 2011


Some of us have the other OCGD =

Obsessive Compulsive GoY Disorder ...

1. Multitasking .. watching TV or preparing a meal while simultaneously commenting on GoY ...

2. Making a VERY long garden shopping list ... from all the lovely plant photos put on GoY by members and advertisers ...

3. Midnight visits. Sleepless nights ? ... turn on the computer and talk to GoYers around the world ... such as Noah in AZ ... ;o)

4. Muddy fingers .. trying to look at GoY when your hands are still muddy ... don't get compost on the computer ! Lol.

5. Meditating on which you would like to visit ...

~ Noahsgarden
~ Chelsea Flower Show
~ RHS gardens anywhere
~ any plant nursery or any garden centre
~ all of the above ... ;o)

Yes, I definitely have Obsessive Compulsive GoY Disorder ;o)

22 Oct, 2011


Me too Terra.... lol. We're all the same, but all very different dont you think??

22 Oct, 2011


I'm different to some in that most of the meals I prepare are for my pets ;o) ....
... but I guess Noah is another who has hungry creatures to feed ... :o)

22 Oct, 2011


Very funny!
Q1, keep pots for baby plants.
Q2, yes, often late for work, hop into car reluctantly!
Q3, night time gardening, yes, with miners lamp! Also traipsing into kitchen garden in dressing gown for that onion I need!
Q4, spring bills for plants, always take me by surprise, especially when I have promised myself to only divide and sow seeds!
Q5, of course, the lady with the funny hat!

22 Oct, 2011


I have both disorders and particularly identified with the problem of trying to Goy with muddy fingers! :)) Great blog! :))

22 Oct, 2011


I`ll own up I suffer with both disorders, do I care?= Nope, I am happy to live with both, lol..

22 Oct, 2011


Yeah, me too Lincslass! :))

22 Oct, 2011


I very often suffer muddy fingers syndrome and the compost is often to be found in very strange places especially in the springtime!!!!!!!

22 Oct, 2011


I went to buy a loaf today and spent £26 on Hebe X3 , Astersx2 and a plant (3 of them) with green and bronze leaves and fat red berries ...And I blame Poppy for that 'cos she suggested I buy another passionflower, but they had none of those.

22 Oct, 2011


thank you...birds of a feather... :)

the Gardeners Anonymous Creed:

Thou shalt not dig up thy neighbor's perennials...

Thou shalt not visit a garden center more than once a week...

(i know you can all add some more...)

23 Oct, 2011


Brill blog think all of us on GOY have both of these disorders.

23 Oct, 2011


Daft it!

23 Oct, 2011


I take the prices off the pots before I go home.

23 Oct, 2011


Yes to Noah and TT, but they are illnesses that I don`t want a cure

25 Oct, 2011


After reading this blog I NEED HELP!

25 Oct, 2011

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