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Last Saturday my husband and I have replaced the pond, which we have inherited when we moved to this house. About 3 months ago, due to hard winter the pond got split in it and water began leaking so much and ended up filling up every week, so decided to do in the end.

Wasn’t sure which to choose but in the end we decided to do with the PVC rather than rubber one.

It was very windy here in Kent so it was so hard work to hold onto the sheets (including the under lay) also it was hard work digging the pond bigger as the mud keep coming down from the top…

When we tried to empty the pond, we also found there at least 50 newts and 5 flogs…

Anyway, this is the end result…

Newts swimming around so happily

We also added a little fountain…

Very tired though…

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oh they will love that pond, the frogs and newts will be very content, just make sure you get some plant cover in there so they have somewhere to hide in this heat. It will be amazing to sit by when you have finished it. well done, I know how hard work it is digging pond holes out.

3 Jun, 2011


sounds like hot work ~ especially today ~ you could cool down in the water tho!!
that pond will be lovely

3 Jun, 2011


what fab pictures of your newts, they look wonderful and I'm sure will love the new pond.
Caught up this evening with a bit of Chelsea I'd recorded and decided I'd like a bigger pond one day in the future. Also to plant lots of catmint as Pam Ayres suggests, maybe even some horizontal cotoneaster (i don't really like cotoneaster!) because they are both so valuable for our pollinating friends.

5 Jun, 2011


>Hi Oliveoil! It looks like they like it! Hopefully the 2 big tabs of waterlilies will produce more leaves... since we have put them in the pond, it already made about 5-6 leaves - so fingers crossed... I don't think I'll do it again digging that hole, for my back's sake!!

>Hi Sticitoffee! I really wanted to go in instead of them, especially when we first began pour water in!

>Hi Weeding! Thank you, but it wasn't so easy to take - they just do move around so much!!!! Can you see our catmint on the background...??? I like the flowers and also lots and lots of bees!!!! Unfortunately so as my cat and she just have to go in the middle and squash the thing. But despite the fact that the plant is growing fine every year!

6 Jun, 2011


The waterlillies are great cover, nice big leaves, lovely colour flowers also, it will be great for them.

6 Jun, 2011


Hi Oliveoil!,

I'm hoping it will spread very quickly--!!!! Now the pond is very green... errr... although we were expected this!!

7 Jun, 2011


yes I know mine does this every year, it is to do with sunshine I am afraid, the fish in mine cope ok with it all the time though, so I do not worry about it.

7 Jun, 2011


Hi Oliveoil, how many fish do you have? I used to have some, but one day saw a heron on our fence and that was it, they were all gone..! So I don't have fish in my pond anymore!

14 Jun, 2011


Lots because they breed each year, they are black when they are born and change to orange gradually over time. Quite interesting seeing them as little ones (very hard to see sometimes) We did have a heron once but then I have not seen it for some time, think maybe it is too well planted up for him to get a good foothold on the sides of the pond. There is also a larger pond up the road from us where the fishermen fish, so maybe he goes there, it will be easier access for it there. Our pond is a preformed one, bought out of frustration, we had a liner but the dogs (or fox) kept getting in and puncturing it so we decided that as we were getting older we could not be digging it all out and replacing it, the old bones were complaining so we opted for the preformed one, got a bargain, nice and deep quite a large one and got the hole dug out further and just popped it in. (so far so good) The only problem with the deep one is that it is too deep to plant straight into it, I will have to put some blocks in it to stand pots on, the sides did have little shelves but they are only little and not at varying heights so it will be back to the drawing board for me. We also have newts, frogs and toads, but think this year the frogs and toads have deserted me. I do know there has been a virus killing off frogs so maybe that is what has happened, will try and beg some frog spawn next spring and try to get them re-introduced back into the pond. I love frogs. I wish you lots of success with your pond hope it clears for you, think maybe in winter it might be clearer. Good luck with it all. ps the biggest problem I have had is a waterhen trying to build a nest in the pond, and it eats all the plants it has been a pain up until this year. lol wildlife eh who would have it (me I suppose that was why I built the pond in the first place)!! LOL

15 Jun, 2011

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