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a lovley day to finish a project


i have started making what i call outside pictures .what i do is paint a design on glass with glass paint.then on the same side as the glass paint varnish with yaght varnish. the side you realy want to see is the flat side with know paint on it .then what i do is lay some wire etc for reinforcing the cement and for hanging purposais excuse my spelling lol around the edge of the glass painting unpainted side up. then i mix up a strong cement mix say 2 sand to 1 cement or so .i measure about the width i want the frame around it to .at this stage you can mix a cement dye etc in the cement or waite till its dry and use a concrete stain .also i calve or put different things like gravel coloured glass etc into the wet cement. i was going to keep the frame to this one with shapes,gravel and shapes etc .you can also press leaves vainy side down in the wet peel them out later when the cement has gone dry to .

this first one is an abstract i did for charity and will get raffled of after i have my open garden.if they want me to i will frame it can also like these young orangs make the middle out of say like for this instance pottery then put a cement border or frame round it . i think these orangs inspired me to make cement frames as i gave it to my mum for being there for me and her birthday . while she had it she dropped it and broke the corner of of it .the partial reasen for her breaking it was it was just leaning up against a wall next to her pond . i realy liked these orangs so i was racking my brains how to make this good again and hang it up out of the way when i came up with the cement frame idea.i was donig sculpture with cement bye then and it all came together like a little bulb comming on .only a dull one as i think it sat there broken for about 8-10 years .when i said i racked my brain i ment both cells lol.anyway thats how the framing came about.

the glass painting came about partly because im an artist and love drawing and arty things anyway . the other main reasen i started was the houses on my estate are all double glazes and about 50 years old . anyway they are all updated with said double glazing about 15-20 years ago apart from and get this for a rediculess idea the front door .i wonder if it makes the council feal better losing energy out of the front door as aposed to the windows and door lol .anyway as a few of these doors broke or wore out etc they were putting in these realy nice modern front doors with double glazing . anyway a few got changed so i thaught i would ask for a new one as mine had seen better days .there answer was at least for a long time there are not any new double glazed doors so they came and bodged my old door up.i was gutted and started thinking about how to make my door look better and came up with glass painting which i got the idea for doing of of a lovley lady from on goy called amy . she put a butterfly up quite tiny but lovley . i loved it and asked her to do a sugar skull in the same paint but bigger . infact thats how we started getting to know each other . she did a blinding job and that was it for me .i went out and baught a crate of glass paint and painted a sugar skull on my front door and loved it .

the young lady next to me in the fetching orange suite is amy a good friend i met on here .anyway back to the cement frame of my glass painting project from last year . i was doing this perticuler one while doing a charity bits and bobs stall at the garden i built with a lot of help ie manual labour the elephant and concrete leopard i made.the picture of me and amy was taken there actualy strangly enough.the open garden is at a large garden in nnorthwold in aide of a kydney kind of problems as the son there realy sufferd when he was young.its well worth a visit if you were in that part of the country as there is a huge garden with lots of lovley things to see including ofcourse the elephant, leopard and a couple of mushrooms i made for there fairy garden.

anyway back to last years glass painting project lol .i had put the cement down .put the reinforcing wire in the cement in it and it came to the coloured grave etc . i realised that at the open garden i had just painted what i fancied which included my left hand,a skull strangley enough and some other pieces including a friend of mines idea etc.this made it personal so i was going to keep it . ill have it on the front of my house when i have my open day for the local hospice and leave it there.when i was laying in the cement it didnt seam to be right all colours and coloured gravel so i had yet another brain wave .i made the frame look like long bones with the corners being like knee caps . im realy pleased with it .i put a bit of colouring on it . then some sand for texture so you lose the paintbrush marks . i brushed all this up this morning and did my garden .it looks realy nice and im realy knackerd lol . i hope you like it . time for an afternoon kip in the sun im knackerd . i was up at 4am waiting to look at my new outdoor picture .anyway take care bye for now .

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Great pics Leigh, love the elephant. Is that you in the Avatar picture?

6 May, 2010


you definitely have a talent,the apes are adorable.

6 May, 2010


loved the blog and your artwork is fantastic, I too loved the cute ;o)

6 May, 2010


Yep, the frame is good, bet you're really pleased with the way it has turned out. I like the orangs too :~)).

6 May, 2010


yes i am very pleased everyone .yes that is me in the avitar look at lifes done to me doc . that picture was only taken about 3 years ago . i dont know how bad life will be once i get out of my teens lol . if you believe this you will belive anything .

6 May, 2010


Love the art work, the one on your head as well, reminds me of the silk painting I do when I' not doing other things>>>>>>>>>>

7 May, 2010


thanx sandy girl . you do silk painting as in silk screen painting or painting on silk ? i would love to see that . i love seeing what other people do . take care bye for now xx .

7 May, 2010

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