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Lily Beetle.


By numbty


Unfortunately it looks as if my tree Lilys have been attacked by Lily beetle,yesterday I noticed that my Lily wasn`t looking to good upon further investigation I noticed there was black “stuff” on the leaves from the top to the bottom having then read up about Lily beetle I decided the only thing as far as I was concerned was to cut down the Lily hoping to eradicate the problem but apparently the “stuff” can be in the compost so maybe I should get rid of the compost to.Its a pity as I only purchased them last year and they were fabulous and the smell from them was amazing!Not sure if I would have Lilys again under the circumstances.

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Not convinced that what you have is lily beetle. We have had one or two and they quite large, maybe 3cms and bright red. It might be fungus or an aphid.

1 Jul, 2012


Yes it sounds like a fungus or mildew, rather than the beetle. I've only seen photos of them but as Gardenersmate sais they're big and red.

2 Jul, 2012


Yes, the lily beetle is red. But it sounds as though you saw the lilly beetle larvae. They live in the black 'stuff'. I had a fair bit of it on my lilies. I tend to try and wipe it off with my fingers - not very pleasant! If you do this you will probably find that you are also squish the larva. I've managed to save all my lillies this year by keeping a close eye on them and getting rid of both beetles and larva as soon as I saw any signs.

2 Jul, 2012


I have killed five Lily beetles this year.....they are bright red.

2 Jul, 2012


But Digginfit is right when he says the larvae are in black, horrible deposits on the stems - sounds like Lily Beetle to me too.

2 Jul, 2012


Hi all,thanks for your replies,I have read that people squash them but to be honest I didn`t fancy that...I`ve also read that the beetle hybernates in your compost over winter...I`m fairly convinced that what I had was Lily beetle and not a fungus or an aphid as my Lily looked exactly like they do on Google.

2 Jul, 2012

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