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i've had a thought re my future back garden...


and would like your thoughts and ideas, if you don’t mind taking the time…as i mentioned in my last blog the main thing that troubled me about losing my tree, was the “vistas”, and the fact that everything is would be so low, plus the need for shallow rooted plants…anyway, here’s my latest thought…if i had some raised beds, say 1ft high, the manager can’t complain about that, since she has already complimented me on the raised beds by the ramp, and then if i “planted” some large pots not up to the collar of the pots into the middle of the raised beds, they would be higher than 1ft, and i could plant them with tall perennials, and see how they survived the winter, being in the soil and all….what do you think…would that make it possible for me to have wider beds? i have to sit down to garden and if i planted the pots before i placed them in the beds, i wouldn’t have too much to do with them…low beds have to be way too narrow to be attractive…..thanks for reading this… hope i explained my idea clearly……

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I have just looked through all your photos again. I think the mistake you made in the back garden is putting in the path first without thinking it through. The pink path dominates and I would suggest until you take it up and start again you will never be happy whatever you do.
The decking and raised beds area is lovely and as it works so well why not try something similar in the other areas to give a flow to your garden and a feeling of space and with less intrusive pink paths which is making the area look smaller than it is.
One suggestion I have for paths is bark with or without stepping stones as this drains well, looks good and gives a feeling of more space as it tend to suggest their is more soil than there is.

1 Jun, 2014


thanks, Drc726, you're absolutely right about the pink path...i had the slabs from my old garden, and was trying to save some money, but not just the colour, but also the shape doesn't work here...i am now in the process of removing the pink, and will go with grey/white squares to match the patio..i would love to have a natural path, with or without the stepping stones, but unfortunately i am very unsteady, and have to have a solid hard footing would be great to have decking all around, i think that's the best idea yet, but it's very, very expensive for me, and i'm afraid i'd have to win the lottery...i just might check with the contractor, see what he would charge...really like that idea, the ramp feels so good to walk on...thanks for your imput and thoughtfulness....

1 Jun, 2014


In my experience coloured slabs tone down after a couple of years of weathering.

2 Jun, 2014


On a much smaller scale I half buried small terracotta pots in bare patches in long troughs which are similar to raised my case it was to prevent rabbits digging the bare areas(worked up to now)
terracotta does allow water to seep through , I do find that I have to water them at times though and here it was mild last winter so they didn't get a real freezing test....protected my heucheras though!

2 Jun, 2014


Dianebulley, i've noticed that, also...the pink does soften to a lovely warm shade after awhile, altho' it does hit you in the eye at first...thanks for that thought, one thing about the white/grey that troubles eyes are becoming sensitive , and that garden gets full sun..very glaring to me...

2 Jun, 2014


Pamg, terracotta pots crack here over winter, i was thinking of using plastic and planting them up with those plants that don't like too much water.....i enjoy hand watering and my hose is easily adjusted to spot watering, so i could have plants with different requirements in the same bed......might be a pipe dream, tho' to try..great if it would work...did you plant in the pots, or fill them with water...i could use that idea in my new beds now, the squirrels are driving me round the bend with their digging and i don't want to buy more plants right now...thanks for such a great idea!....

2 Jun, 2014


I put compost in and a viola as it was last autumn, it looked quite pretty

2 Jun, 2014


Pamg, oh, that sounds so nice...clever you!

2 Jun, 2014

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