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there's mouse in the house!


2 nights ago, 4am, i was up, as usual, when i noticed Abby acting know that thing cats do..staring hard at something you can’t see….then all of a sudden she tore into the front room and came out with something in her mouth…now, you understand that my eyesight is unreliable, it was dark in the room, and the dogs have a couple of toys that look exactly like mice….i thought it strange she would play with a toy, she’s never done that before …i bent over for a closer look……i screamed….Abby dropped the mouse…mouse ran under a chair that has a skirt…Abby gave me a disgusted look…i started spreading dryer sheets all around the house….haven’t seen the mouse since…Abby still has hopes, is still in hunting mode…

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lol ! :D I understand what you went through ...
Bella brought a mouse into the kitchen a few nights ago and it ran behind the units. I couldn't catch it.
It must have died because there's a rotten mouse smell there now and I can't get rid if it ! :(

4 Jun, 2014


Oh Dear Pat, I know the feeling we had one in our lounge a couple of weeks back I was scared of going to bed in case it got under the door, havent seen it since just hope it got out alive as I wouldnt want any dead mouse smells like Hywel!!

4 Jun, 2014


Oh crumbs thats not nice, ours think they're being so good when they bring us a gift, simply cannot understand when we shut the doors on them, do try and save the live ones but the cats can move a lot quicker than me, lol....

4 Jun, 2014


oh I understand how you're feeling. My cat came in from outside and thinking his mouth looked funny I bent to take a closer look. My cat then opened his mouth and a mouse dropped out and ran under an armchair. Luckily my cat caught it again straightaway, so when the mouse was back in the cats mouth, I quickly scooped the cat up and threw them both out the back door (neither animal was hurt by this action!). Strangely enough my cat has never brought another mouse, frog, bird, etc into the house since then, which I'm happy about. I hope your cat finds it soon. It must be awful, Hywel, I count myself very lucky.

4 Jun, 2014

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