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courtyard update...


well, last week, Patrick and i dug up the last of my back garden, and then the contractor came in on the week-end…he and his lady-love..i never know what to call people in a non-marriage arrangement…girlfriend? wife?…anyway, they are a lovely couple, get along well, work hard together..they got a lot done..i decided to build more raised beds on the side by the hedge…actually it’s one continuous bed, and i’m glad i did…the poor hedge had been decimated over the years by the rabbits, and while the top looked fine, the bottom was just a nasty looking mess of rabbit runs…now the hedge looks great, and my neighbour is happy to let it grow..less work for him, more privacy for me..this is the highest bed i’ve put in, it’s almost 2ft high…i’ll post pics later…they are almost finished with the bed, and have levelled the land, put down fabric, and laid all the patio slabs…i kept the pink ones, and added to them..i’m glad i didn’t go with the grey/white slabs, the sun was out as they were finishing up, and the pink cut down the glare…it all looks terribly bare to me, and i have some lingering sadness over the loss of all my lush greenery, but as things progress i like to think i’m rising to the challenge …i’m thinking of a sidewalk cafe motive..oh, the best thing happened! as i was sitting out there, wondering how in the world i was going to cope…a hummingbird came by to check on everything! he hovered around long enough to cheer me up..isn’t nature great? i also have a robin that keeps me company every day…can’t ask for more than that…

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Pat how wonderful for you to have Patrick help and also the contractors help.

And a real joy to have the pleasure of humming bird and robin.

26 Jun, 2014


You'll be fine when the beds are finished and you can start planting again Pat, I can understand your sadness when thinking about how it was but onwards and upwards, the birds are already checking it out for you so thats good.

28 Jun, 2014


It was nice for you to have Patrick to help, and it sounds like you're getting on well.
You must have been pleased to see the humming bird and robin :)

1 Jul, 2014


sorry to be so slow in responding, everyone..i'm hoping to get more organized as time goes on..Scotcat..i am lucky to have Patrick's help..even though it's difficult for him to do some of the work, he's always cheerful about it...Lincslass,you're right! i felt better the minute the work was started on the courtyard...Hywel,..i can't express how i felt with the birds...robins are one of my favourites, and i had a difficult time trying to entice them into my garden at my old home, so it's a thrill to see this beauty every time i water the patio garden, and as for the hummer...well!!! it's only the second one i've seen in my life, and i was so stunned i couldn't breathe! i had been toying with the idea of an oriental garden, but once i saw him/her, i decided to plant only those plants that hummers are attracted to, and went with the raised beds...i'm pleased with that decision..thanks for your comments, everyone, i get a lot of encouragement from them..keeps me going...

3 Jul, 2014

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