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Returning after a difficult year..


This past year has been one of trying to cope with a number of painful illnesses, some of which I’ve recently resolved, some of which are still being studied..I’m presently in the midst of much of the specialists suspects I have lupus..regardless, i need to exercise as much as possible, and we all know gardening is great for that..thank goodness i had my raised beds built high enough..I’ve missed Goy, and all the friendly folks here, it’s good to be back..just wanted to let you know …

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Hi Pat, thanks for letting us know your news. These phases come to most of us in later life, they work themselves through. Keep a good brave heart !

I have been cuttting some old grotty Bamboo fencing away from the council rusty diamond mesh 3 foot high that spoils my admiration of my garden.

Yesterday I rolled a section up, it fell on the garden, so not thinking, I let go of the council fence, bent down to
pick the roll up and throw it onto the path for my son to collect for his tip run on Tuesday. I threw it. My lower back didnt cooperate, I threw myself with it Landed on my hands and knees on the garden. Fortunately behind some shrubs so hopefully if the neighbours were watching out of their windows they did not see me.
I have no strength in my Lumbar Area due to an invasive virus. Just soldier on.
Love Bake Off Creme de la Creme. There is lots to make life interesting. We just have to keep looking for it.

1 May, 2016


Hi Dianne..Sorry to hear about your accident..are you ok? Unlike you, if i fall, i need someone to see me, otherwise wherever i land, that"s where I'll stay LOL..Patrick slipped on the ice at his front step last winter..landed on his elbow, damaged his shoulder, nobody saw took him a long time to get back up,but with weekly therapy he now has full range of movement, just has to work on building up his muscles..of course, he didn't tell me any of this until he was well on the way to's a funny story you might enjoy..some years ago, when i was having a "flare-up", i couldn't lift my leg to get into Patrick's truck, so I asked him to lift it for me..i was seated in the truck..sort of..with my leg hanging down the side..he reached down and threw my leg into the truck...i followed! it was such a strange sensation i burst out laughing..of course it didn't hurt me, it was just so minute i'm sitting upright, looking out the windshield, the next minute i'm staring at the floor! You're right about carrying on..grin and do your best..that's what i try to do..boy, it's SO good to be back at Goy!..thanks for posting...

1 May, 2016


welcome back. but sorry to hear you have been in the wars. keep battling on and as you say gardening can be good gentle or strenuous exercise depending on what you do.

1 May, 2016


Sorry to hear that you are not at your best and hopefully some more of your problems will resolve themselves. Glad also to see that your sense of humour has not deserted you! A bit of gentle gardening, then time to sit and admire it, bit more gardening and a reward of a treat might keep you plodding on.
Your story about Patrick brought home how we all think we are younger and more sprightly than we are, and we need to think before we do things. When OH and Son are at work and I am up a tree on a ladder it doesn't usually cross my mind how long I might lie there before someone comes home, if I fell off!

1 May, 2016


thanks, Seaburngirl ..I'm lucky that the construction is all finished, and the design is one that enables me to take it easy on the difficult days..

1 May, 2016


hi Honeysuckle..So true!..accidents do happen, and they are always's tricky, trying to think of all the precautions one should take, without being're right on the button re pacing's the best way to go..i sure like your idea of a treat afterwards...i hadn't thought of that, but the effort does deserve a reward..hummmmm...sweets?

1 May, 2016


Good to see you back Odaatpat.

2 May, 2016


thanks,'s good to be back..although i kept up with the garden last year, i had to push myself to do so...i had no idea what was wrong with me..thought it was just old age, (i'm 84), found it difficult to cope, although looking back..i DID cope..but then more aches and pains kept happening, then finally a violent red rash showed up on my legs and feet, and that's when i went to the now they are putting all these symptoms together, and trying to come up with a diagnoses..i feel better mentally, knowing they're treating this seriously i cope much better when i know what's wrong...

2 May, 2016


take care and best wishes

2 May, 2016


Hope you are getting a blood test. Its absolutely amazing what they can find out from a spoonful of blood.

2 May, 2016


Welcome back Odaatpat, I always think about the dangers after I have done the jobs, get moaned at all the time but I just tune in my deaf ears..
Hope you get sorted, its not nice wondering what is wrong is it, I agree with you, gardening helps sort out all my aches and pains, well if I'm honest it sorts out my mind and that helps me cope or ignore the rest....

2 May, 2016


Thanks, Maisiesdad..all good wishes are most welcome..
Dianebulley..I'm fortunate to finally find some drs. who are taking this condition far, I've had 10 different blood tests, chest X-ray, MRI on my legs,ultrasound on my stomach, a heart specialist has been called in, and i am scheduled to see a rheumatologist, and have a doppler test..whew! thank goodness for OHIP!
Lincslass...I agree with you..I'll feel better at least knowing what the problem's hard to cope with the unknown..I was able to do a little tidying-up in the garden this morning..I had to sit down, but I don't mind was so good to get something constructive done..lovely sunny morning, birds singing, and i forgot about the pain while I was out there...

4 May, 2016

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