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I've got a toad!, la, la,la....


Can you see him? he’s just a little fellow, but he’s in proportion to my garden..maybe they’ll grow together LOL..

he’s that dark blob on the cement can just make out his legs..i almost stept on him…

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He's very sweet and will help keep some of the pests down. Is he a toad, or a frog? Either way he's a welcome addition to the garden. Now you have to be careful where you are sticking the fork!

25 May, 2016


well, now, Honeysuckle, i thought he was a toad..there's no pond anywhere near, and i thought a frog would need access to can you tell the difference? he was very hard to see..

25 May, 2016


definitely a toad. they have 'dry warty skins' where as frogs have 'wet slimy ' skins. toads spend most of their time on land [ ours lives in the greenhouse all year round' and as an amphibian have to lay eggs in water. Frogs need a wetter skin so do spend some time in and out of water.

26 May, 2016


thanks, Seaburngirl..i'm pleased he's a toad..not sure why..i hope he stays with me..he jumped up into the bed right sprightly, and tucked in under a hosta leaf..hope to see him again, makes me feel more like a gardener...LOL..think i'll leave a small empty pot on its' side, in case he's looking for a residence...perhaps i should add a "for rent" sign...

27 May, 2016


I've got lots of frogs, but no toads. I'm not even sure I've ever actually seen one in the flesh. They are great assets in the garden, and should eat plenty of nasties.

28 May, 2016


hi Ohmelchised..just found your post..i'm not sure if i have one, two, or three wee beasties..there's this little fellow, he's the first i've seen, then 2 days ago, there was one in the shady ramp bed, and yesterday there was one in my shed..i was a bit worried about him being trapped in there, so left the door open a bit for him..

31 May, 2016


I always feel honoured when I notice wildlife in the garden and find it a thrill.

31 May, 2016, too...

31 May, 2016

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