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coming back after a long absence


hi, everyone..i’ve not been posting for some time due to a change in my life style, and all that goes with it..two years ago i was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune condition, and at the same time, my arthritis reached the point where i am now having to use an electric wheelchair in my small feat when you live in a centre hallway has room for the chair, plus 2" on either side! as you may imagine, i’ve had to practise my navigation skills..last summer, due to my health and the dreadful heat we had, i rarely got out into the garden, and thought i had probably lost most of it..i even considered moving into an apartment, although it wouldn’t be good for the dogs..however, i’m very pleased to show you some pics i took today of the raised beds on either side of the ramp..Patrick helped me rig up a new watering system that i can easily get to, even on the bad days..this is the result..
i’ve also included a photo of Jeff, my lovely 3yr old Russian Olive…

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Hello, Odaatpat. How lovely that your garden has welcomed you back with colour and lushness.

(Why doesn't your Russian Olive have a Russian name?)

13 Jun, 2018


hi, Eirlys..mainly because i didn't think of it! got any suggestions?..he's pretty fond of himself, so it has to sound important...i don't want him sulking..LOL

13 Jun, 2018


Welcome back Odaatpat! I love the Russian Olive, whatever he’s called!

14 Jun, 2018


Your garden looks lovely. I hope your health problems improve and you can enjoy it. Naming an Olive - now that's a novelty and having one that might sulk, even more so!

14 Jun, 2018


Your raised beds look terrific. I could suggest Putin for your Russian Olive, but maybe not. Why not Olga?

14 Jun, 2018


Olga the Olive! :)

14 Jun, 2018


...but that would require a sex change!

14 Jun, 2018


Thanks for your comments, Honeysuckle, Linda235, and Cottagekarer..i very cautiously mentioned the question of changing his name to a Russian one (not the sex change one..i knew that wouldn't go over well), and Jeff politely (but at the same time showing off his thorns!) pointed out that although his ancestors came from Russia, his father and grandfather were born and raised here in Canada as was Jeffrey, himself, and he is a very proud Canadian..i swear if he could have, he would have waved the Maple Leaf Jeff it is...thanks all for your interest and suggestions..Jeffrey is standing just a little bit prouder now..that's my boy! LOL...

15 Jun, 2018


welcome back from me too. the garden looks lovely.

19 Jun, 2018


thanks,'s good to be back..nothing like sharing each other's gardens to make everything all right with the world...

23 Jun, 2018

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