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well, my big containers have arrived, and i placed them where it seems best in the courtyard, but i am faced with a new, but lovely dilemma..Jeff has grown so much in the last two years that he covers half of the courtyard with beautiful dappled shade..i’m so very pleased, but i don’t think there’s enough sun now for a circular herb i’d like to put some kind of tall ornament/statue in the middle tall container, and plant shade plants in the surrounding containers..the problem is that the bare walls of my shed and home are both a pale and somewhat insipid blue, so the statue would be lost in front of such a pale background..two large containers are in front of each wall, and i need suggestions as to what bushes would work there..evergreens would be my first choice, but they attract mosquitoes..i cannot attach lattice or anything else to the buildings, so vines are out, as is the idea of painting the walls..any planting would have to tolerate pruning, as it has to be kept quite flat against the walls..any and all suggestions are welcome..thank you…

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Personally I'd be inclined to put the planters together in a row on the boundary and give yourself a bit more sitting space. (And room to do the watering!) But that's just me. I'm sure whatever you do will look lovely.

30 Jun, 2018


Hardy Hibiscus grow to 6ft and has flowers.

30 Jun, 2018


There are short growing clematis that would be OK.

30 Jun, 2018


thanks, Pb123.after reading your suggestion, i decided to partially follow it..that is, i moved two tall containers to the perimeter, where i needed the height to hang new watering system is such that i just have to step out my back door, and can water all around my home without taking a further step...thanks again for your input

1 Jul, 2018


thanks, Teragram and Thrupennybil..after thinking about your suggestions, i watched "love your garden", and realized that i don't have to fill my courtyard with plants, i can use something Allan does (hope i've got his name right)..somehow i thought that would be "cheating"or make me less of a gardener..don't know why i thought that..the trouble with foliage is the mosquitos are attracted to it, especially in the shady areas, where i have to sit, and those nasties can drive me indoors faster than i think i'm going to be on the lookout for an old piece of furniture that will add interest to the boring walls...thanks for taking the time to help made me look in a different direction, and i appreciate that...

1 Jul, 2018


We'll look forward to some more photos as it evolves!

4 Jul, 2018

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