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my 6 yr old hedge, and some of what's behind it..


when i moved in here 6 yrs ago, there was no privacy at all. this is a corner lot, so after putting in a short driveway, i had this hedge put in, installed the arbor, and got the ramp with raised beds built inside the hedge, so i can see the garden from inside my home.this is the view from the main street..

and here are a couple of the plants inside the hedge that are in full bloom today

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Wow! Did all that happen in six years?

16 Jul, 2018


Yep! worked like crazy to get it all done..i designed it, then hired various contractors to build the ramp, beds, etc..i put up the arbour with my son's help..nursery man planted the hedge, laid down sod, i planted the two big beds inside the hedge,,it was all done in one was the only way i could get around my house in the scooter..many of my neighbours thanked me for cleaning up what had been an eyesore for a number of years..that was a lovely for the growth of the hedge..i buried soaker hoses around the base of each tree as soon as the hedge was planted,not too deep, covered them with lots of shredded bark mulch, and kept them well watered and fertilized the first year , and the second..haven't done much for the hedge since then...seems to be doing just fine on it's own...

16 Jul, 2018


Looks good, are you planning to trim the hedge or is this as big as it grows? We had 30ft Leylandii here when we moved in, don't know if that was supposed to have been trimmed before it went haywire.
We all need a bit of privacy and your garden will have some shelter too.

17 Jul, 2018


Honeysuckle..i'm going to get it trimmed this year..make the trees all the same height..i like the height it is now, but no higher, as it would block the view of the sky, and make it dark inside the trailer..funny story about neighbour who used to live across the street, they've moved on thankfully, was the nosey type. one day he came over and said in quite an angry tone of voice "You've got an AWFUL LOT of privacy here!"...he was so annoyed he could no longer sit on his veranda and watch every move i made..LOL...

17 Jul, 2018


Those trees have grown fast. I'm glad you have some privacy now :)

18 Jul, 2018

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