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this has been an exciting day for “the boys”..a fly, or maybe even two, dared to come INTO OUR HOME!! this happens perhaps once a year, and Jake and Lil’ Joe are ever on guard to protect our sanctuary….they have a definite plan of attack..the first stage is to joyously chase the enemy all around the house, both barking at full volume..when this fails to kill the beast, they switch to their individual styles..Jake first has a little nap, to replenish his energy, then he prowls around, growling threatening..he also employes his trump card..sneezing!…meanwhile Lil’ Joe also refreshed from the routine aft. nap, returns to the attack with added vigour and starts dancing around the fly, barking constantly you might think that these two are not a very effective army, but let me tell fly has ever lived a full day with these two in pursuit..i’m not sure how they do it..maybe it’s Lil’ Joe’s very high pitched voice that confuses them, or Jake’s sneezing, but whatever it is, they always get their man, and here’s the proof…

once the enemy is down, they add the finishing touch..they stare it to death (this can take an hour or so)..i feel so safe with my little defenders on guard..

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That's my kind of fly killer! My chihuahua does the same. He will chase the flies. He does catch the majority and will play with them. If they are still, he will bat them with his paw to get them to move or pick them up in his mouth and drop them to see if they will fly. He will stare at them for a while as well, although not as long as yours. It keeps him entertained and well exercised! He has been know to eat the odd one here and there as well.

18 Jul, 2018


Priceless! sweet boys! My Mandy liked to go into the garden hunting bumble bees! It took me ages to discourage her..or perhaps it was a sting or two, then again: maybe she just grew too old to frisk like that. Ryot likes to chase chipmunks and do incredible gymnastic feats when in pursuit of the deer and horse flies that encircle us every time we step out the door... grrrr...I share his angst as their bite can raise a terrible welt. great entertainment for us as well... who needs America's Funniest Home Videos?

18 Jul, 2018


That made me laugh, Odaatpat. Our little cat doesn't take much notice of anything that flies but she is interested in snakes! (Not recommended).

Haven't seen many flies around this year: nor bees, nor wasps. I'm not complaining about the latter. We had hornets around once and they are BIG! Wouldn't advise anyone, or anything to mess about with them.

18 Jul, 2018


How sweet! I have had to resort to a fly killer - came today, so not tested out yet, but got fed up with being bitten during the evenings and nights. Can't live with all the windows shut to keep them out!
Told my sister that I hadn't seen any wasps this year and we usually have two or three nests. Came home and went to get some leaf mould off the heap which doesn't get visited very often and lo and behold - a wasps nest!
Tiny wasps though, so not sure of the species type. Just worked round them and left them alone.

18 Jul, 2018


Wonderful friends :) Better than sprays ! and they are having a whale of a time chasing the fly …
they seem great company for you :)

19 Jul, 2018


I would feel a bit apprehensive with your two charging around the place! They are very efficient aren't they?

We used to have a Siamese who would sit on the windowsill and stab flies against the glass - and then eat them.

19 Jul, 2018


Very comical to watch, our little westie Harriet will sit for ages watching like that but when she decides its time to take action she is grease lightening and woe betide anything that gets in her way, Brynner a very large flatcoat is too lazy to even bother with them and Toffee cat is also very laid back, much too superior to take any notice of such creatures....

21 Jul, 2018


hi, everyone...Lisam, Lori, Eirlys, Honeysuckle, Hywel, Steragram and Lincslass..sorry to be so long in responding..i had a sudden emergency with the usual routine went out the window as i delt with both the emergency, and some inept plumbers, slow companies, etc., etc..all is finally well, and i am starting to get things under control (somewhat!)..thanks for sharing your pet stories..i enjoyed them all..where would we be without our little loves, eh?

23 Jul, 2018


Hi Pat ... just looking up some old blogs and had a chuckle re-reading this blog. wondered how you are doing.

10 Jul, 2019


Hi Lori..thanks for thinking of me..i just posted a new blog that will bring you up to date...

23 Sep, 2019

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