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hi all...I moved into a nice trailer park community last year, after my husband passed away...I am presently catering to the needs and wants [mostly wants!] of two long haired chihuahuas, and a little black cat..there was no garden here when I moved in, so last year I had a long ramp built with raised flower beds on either far I've planted Russian sage, seems to be doing well, but I don't know how it's come through the winter, and I plan on filling the rest of the bed with lavender and geraniums for contrast..hopefully the squirrels will leave everything intact...since I am handicapped, the ramp is for my scooter, plus I can walk as far as my garden shed now that I don't have to walk on the lumpy grass..after I reach the shed, I take one easy step onto my little patio, and from there I built a cement slab curved path to my back steps, so I can go from my front door,around the side of my home to the back garden, and into my back door without stepping on grass..I have a new laptop and don't know how to post pics yet, but am looking forward to sharing my garden with all of you..I've been lurking for a couple of years now..and enjoy all your pics..

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  • almost half of my patio..
  • hosta, fern and coral bells all doing well this year..
  • spreading vine in my shaded patio
  • lil' Joe, when he still had all his teeth..

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