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Feeling HOT.....HOT......HOT!!!!


Pheeeeew…………………how hot is it right now?

I can’t believe I chose such a great week to have off work last week and I’m sorry to say, I’ve done very lttle out in the garden. Sure, I tidied a little, cut some lawns and potted some toms on but overall, I’ve had a relatively chilled week and with the addition of the 2 girls, (cats), it’s been a rather pleasing week.

So, with not much going on, I have kicked back and allowed the garden to develop on it’s own, or rather the plants to do what they do best. I have taken a few pics through the week so will share some of them with you all.

My Rhodanthemums: African Eyes are flourishing in all this sunshine…..

Whilst all my odd pots of Spring bedding pansies are sprouting some vivid colours….

And my Blue Clementine Aquilegia is sitting proud in front of my planter that only 7-8 weeks ago, I filled with a mixture of different seeds……look at it now….probably too much but hey-ho!!

This is the only one of six dwarf sunflower seeds, sent to me by Richardpeej, that actually fought it’s way up and through and has now been potted on in the hope that I will have the first sunflower I have ever had in my life……

…..and this little beauty was kindly sent by Sanbaz before xmas and I’ve not long given it its final move into a hanging basket by the GH. It seems very healthy at the moment…

I cut my Buddlia: Black Knight right back as I read to do, before xmas and look at it now…..big and bushy and I’m hoping for some nice flowers!

Pink Osteospermum looking nice….

Mini Osteospremum on the 17th…

…..and then the next day! Isn’t nature grand:o))

Rowan tree is in bloom…..

Looking across the garden from woodland border….

The pond area about 9 months on….

Tin planter….birthday pressie off Jac the Grandson :o)) I got the contents to plant inside…

Strawberry plants doing okay…..

…..with first signs of fruit….

Verbena: Aztec Silver Magic

Aquilegia: Clementine White

As for the Aquilegia Black Barlow and a creamy/pink one I bought last year and didn’t impress too much…..look at them now…SO chuffed and twice the height of last year. Easily 3ft so very pleased:o))

Had a few little friends drop by as well this past week…..

Not sure but def a juvenile something….


Planted some self-grown Cosmos Seashells into half-barrel with a single trailing Lobelia at the front. Should look quite nice in Summer.


Some odd pics….

About 8 weeks ago, all this was inside a variety of seed packets……

Loving the foliage on Hosta: Minuteman


Birthday gift from my big sis….

The only purple Allium that has gone all the way this far after rememebring to plant them all…….very late!!!

Hosta by the pond……slugs have been at it but some major copper protection around it now!

Ooooh, wonder what’s happening in this planter…..

Dwarf Lupins are coming on a treat…..


They’re waving Petunia…..!

So, all in all, it was really just a week of chilling, garden fruit, veg and flowers growing and us gaining two new family members – see previous blog!

The weather continues and it’s all looking very nice out there for my first 11 months in gardening.

And how was your week last week…….

AQUILEGIA: Clementine White

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So many lovely pots and a lot of nice plants, it is nice when everything starts flowering.

24 May, 2010


Lovely Pics! That Verbena is stunning! I also like the Osteospermum, you have a beautiful garden Oddbillie.

Lucky you re: the weather, here in Oz we are all shivering in our jumpers and woolen socks. I can't remember the last time I wore a jumper but I definitely need it now! It's been raining a lot, too - sounds like a taste of jolly old England lol!!

25 May, 2010


loved your blog,Oddbillie

25 May, 2010


Lovely blog and brill photos as always, Odd, your garden looking a treat! :~))

25 May, 2010


Lovely display of your plants Oddbillie

25 May, 2010


lovely pictures Oddbillie, thank you for sharing with us.....

25 May, 2010


Fantastic array of plants and flowers. Pleased you could just kick back for a week and enjoy your garden :~))

25 May, 2010


You have certainly been busy, and with the camera too. Now sit back and enjoy I would say.

25 May, 2010


So many pretty things Dan, it's hard to choose a favourite but it looks like your garden is managing very well without you. Maybe thriving on neglect!
I'm certainly no expert but i think maybe the young bird is a robin.....something about it's stance?

25 May, 2010


A lovely garden,Ob,and everything looking so good.Glad you had a nice chill out week....

25 May, 2010


I thought so too, Lily. Dan, you have a lovely array of plants in your garden, I love those Aquilegias, my favourite flower ! I'm off to mow the lawn for my disabled friend next as showers forecast for tomorrow. : o ( ( (

25 May, 2010


After looking round your garden via your photo`s you deserved you`re week long chill out OB, you have got some lovely plants there. Shall we be given a photo of what your mystery seed trough throws up?, hope so.

25 May, 2010


lovely pics - your plants are coming on great!

25 May, 2010


What lovely photos of lovely plants. I like your pieces of driftwood too. Its all looking good ob.

25 May, 2010


ARHHHH just lovely ,have dun sum cosmos as well, same as u . did all white ones last year and they were 5 ft tall wafting in the breeze all ur pics r beautiful very well dun

25 May, 2010


What a beautiful garden you have OB glad you put a pic of your pond in there. We have a lot of plants in common. Your lupins look healthy. mine got eaten by the dreaded slugs. I love your gravel paths and the drift wood. Thanks for showing us around x

25 May, 2010


Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos with us, and pleased you enjoyed your week off.

25 May, 2010


Phew that was a marathon! Loads of great photos Dan ... loving the verbena, cytisus & the little fluffy fledgling! Amazing dive bombing shot!!

25 May, 2010


all looking so lovely Dan, its amazing when you dont do much it goes mad, hope the fuschia does well, are you popping something in with it, something trailing, labelia or something, and feed each week i do, lovely pics and birdys to ;o))

25 May, 2010


Wow what lovely photo's.I have just joined here,and yours is the first blog Ive have some lovely plants there :-)

25 May, 2010


Mavisc52: It certainly is and I have to be patient on the self-grown from seed ones as I am so tempted to go and buy something for immediate colour but they are all slowly but surely coming on fine so I will hold out!

Pip c: Thank you kindly for the nice comments. Still some way to go in the garden but I’m very pleased with what I’ve achieved in my first 11 months of gardening. To think I had no interest before last year is mad! As for your jumpers and woolly socks, I was only discussing the weather today with a customer in my shop and we were saying how weather this good never lasts for long over here…….no doubt we will do a swap very soon and we will all be asking you for your thermals!!

Suey/Floribunda/Goldie/Michaella/Pipsqueak/Cinderlella/Bloomer: Thank you all for your kind comments. It was great to chill for a change!!

Lily2: Hello there! Hope you’re well. I too thought the little un was a robin from the stance but didn’t want to commit!

Shirley: Many thanks and I haven’t forgotten the seeds……if I can do it properly! Watch this space!!

Stroller: Thank you and YES, we will ALL be treated to a pic of the mystery trough on flowering, including me!!

Genius/Mad/Cristina: Glad you enjoyed the pics:o))

Great: YW! Glad you enjoyed and now you’ve said that about the Lupins and the slugs, serious action will have to be taken to deter these munching monsters!! Still need another 2-3 ton of gravel to finish off up the side but that’s another day…..

Clarice: Thanks and hope you are keeping well.

Fluff: Glad you approve. The dive bomber is awesome isn’t he! Total flukey shot mind:o))

San: Hadn’t thought about anything in with the fuschia but now you mention it, I might try lobelia or bacopa which I had some of last year and quite liked. I’m growing some mixed aubretia from seed so if that shows I could try that but don’t think it will in time.

Dee2uk: How very kind of you and a BIG welcome to GoY! Look forward to seeing your garden and how it develops over time. Had a quick look at your blog but wanted to reply to all on here so will catch up with it very soon. Thanks again.

25 May, 2010


Lovely blog and photo`s Dan, it all looks really good, I also cannot believe you were a novice gardener, you really threw yourself into it.... You certainly picked the right week to have off, its turned really cold here but still no rain the garden is so dry its becoming desperate.....

26 May, 2010


Dan i got white bacopa again this year for raised border and also got some pink for baskets today, i love it, lasts so long ;o))

26 May, 2010


Gosh! I'm new to this site and am amazed at the flowers in bloom in the south of the UK compared to here in the Highlands. We are still very much 'in the Spring' here. We had sleet and hail today!

27 May, 2010


Loads going on there, some great pics......

27 May, 2010


very pretty and I can tell that you put in lots of hard work to get it looking so nice so well done you deserve your leisure time.

28 May, 2010


Lots of lovely pics :o)

28 May, 2010


lovely photos and lots of blooms !

28 May, 2010


I think your bird was a juvenile robin, they get their red breasts a bit later.

29 May, 2010


Glad you are enjoying your garden, thats what its all about

30 May, 2010


Thanks again all for the kind comments. It was a fabulous week off and as I sit here waiting to go to work this morning, I realise how lucky I was with the weather last week!

Welcome to GoY Peonyrose. I'm sure you will have HOURS of fun on here as it's a brilliant site and full of friendly folk with a shoulder to lean on and experience that is second to none! I have learnt so much in my first year of gardening and all from these great frineds on GoY :o))

30 May, 2010


Only 11 months you've been gardening!? Heck you're going well :o)))

31 May, 2010


great blog,really enjoyed it.

1 Jun, 2010

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