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In the land of the big people........


Every now and again, a little fledgling bird is brought into the big, wide world and after much love and nurturing by it’s parents, is left to fend for itself and learn the ropes. This also involves feeding oneself….but first you have to work out how to do this.

Well, legend has it that in the land of the big people, a wonderful god with a bald head, like Buddha, leaves clear pillars hanging from great iron hooks and in these pillars, are wonderous sights…..a bounty of truly stupendous and tasty food known as…….seeds!

It is up to the little fledglings to visit these seed pillars and fill their little tum tums with the seed in order to grow into strong and healthy adults that can then thank the gods by pooping on all the lovely flowers and shiny furniture.

So, one day, a little fledge, was set free from the nest and took it’s first flight down to the land of the big people where it landed upon a vast metal structure which was holding the pillars. It looked up to the pillars whch seemed to be a formidable sight…….

But, he quickly flew up to take a look…so quick, in fact, that I missed him taking off again….uhum!

But alas, when he reached the pillar of seed, it was empty……DOH! This feeding myself lark is gonna be harder than i first thought!!

Not to be outdone, he dropped down onto the lush, green spikey floor where he found some odd seeds just dotted about…..

But this wasn’t enough for the little fledge and he wanted to find a pillar that was full of seed, like his folks had told him about. So, he flew back up and landed on what he guessed was another pillar. Not as shiny as the first, in fact it was a bit cheap and plasticy but it was pillar-shaped.

Not being sure what to do next, he looked at the God of the land of the big people, who was watching him through a strange little metal box and asked what he should do…….

‘Look down!’ said the god…..

“Oh, it’s below me…..”

“So, if I just slide down the handle a bit……..

…..ooooh, better not. Safer back up here!"

The young fledge, once again, looked to the god for inspiration…….

‘You must fly down to the small pillar stick that stands out proud from the base of the pillar. Once there, you will know what to do next!’ said the god

So the little fledge pondered the wise words of the god for a moment………

……before flying down onto the pillar stick

So, after a few seconds, he spied a hole and wondered what might lie beyond it……could it be the magical seeds?

He decided to take a much closer look…..

What he found inside was truly magical, so much so, that he had to take a step back to take it all in…..

The young fledge was so happy to have found his hidden treasure in the land of the big people and now he just had to hope that the god would keep the pillars full of food for him and his friends!

Meanwhile, a certain Dove had been sleeping through all the fledge’s antics and had missed all the excitement…….

But on waking up, showed the young whippersnapper a thing or two about feeding……..

“Forget what the god tells you, just sit in the tray of seeds. It’s much easier!!”

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Absolutely loved your blog, god Oddbillie, and the pics are great!....:o)

27 Jun, 2010


Wonderful tale really loved it, bet you are a whizz with bedtime stories lol

27 Jun, 2010


Brought a smile all the way through ... lovely blog. : o )))))

27 Jun, 2010


Excellent OB ... surpassed yourself young man! You should be on Jackanory!

Now you've taught him how to do it he'll be bringing all his mates round for supper so you'd better keep that feeder filled up! ;O)))

27 Jun, 2010


lol Dan, brilliant blog and so amusing,,, lovely little fledgling to,, he will most certainly be a regular at Dan bistro now ,, great pics ;o))

27 Jun, 2010


Another great blog funny and what a sweet little chap he is, he knows when he's on to a good thing. Looks like you have the same feeding pole as me, they do like standing and pooping in the trays don't they -especially the pigeons!

27 Jun, 2010


OB what a great blog and photos, could not stop smiling while reading it :o)))

27 Jun, 2010


hi lily hope your enjoying the lovely weather ;o) x

27 Jun, 2010


Loved your blog, made me smile. What a lovely little fella - no, not you oddbillie, the fledge I mean!

27 Jun, 2010


Why thank you all for the wonderful comments. Crikey, Jackanory.....their's a blast rom the past!

He was so cute and spent about 5 minutes just sat in an empty water tray on the ground whilst right next to it, not 2 inches away, was a tray twice the size with little stones in and full of water!!

As for the poop Lily....everywhere! On every plant, every chair, every feeder. It seems like I am constantly cleaning the feeders! They're like our 2 new cats.....oh, dad has emptied the litter tray and freshened it up for us....WOO-HOO, TIME TO POOP!!

Jan65....LOL! Waddya mean, not me?

Glad you all enjoyed:o))

27 Jun, 2010


See, GodOdd, you left me speechless! I bow down to the master of storytelling! What a truly wonderful blog and picts~can't believe it made me sudmit before my digit could exercise itself! Truly wonderful~you never disappoint my friend!x

27 Jun, 2010


Smashing blog and pics Ob, really made me smile.........

30 Jun, 2010


Thanks Flori. You're always so generous with your comments and they are always appreciated:o))

Lincs: Always happy to make others smile.....not enough smiling in this world methinks:o))))

30 Jun, 2010


I only comment on what i see, and I love your blogs, and the humour they contain~methinks you are a born storyteller, Odd~you always keep me smiling!

30 Jun, 2010

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