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Well, please don’t think I’m copying Lily with some of the pics in this blog but she said in her diamonds aren’t forever blog that she had been inspired by some ‘water’ themed shots I had taken in the past and I was really impressed with her pics…….too impressed actually!

Anyway, I told her on that blog that she had inspired me to get out there and take a few more based on the water theme but,as with any water-themed shots, you need some water….and preferably rain! Well, as chance would have it, my 2 days off work this week are today and tomorrw and lo and behold, this afternoon, we had a drop of rain for a few hours. In my sweatshirt and trackie bottoms…..sight for sore eyes I may add but all in the name of art…..I ventured out in the rain and got some snaps. Some were this morning before it rained as well! Nice to see some new life developing out there too.

The 1st Sweetpea of the year come through…..

BEGONIA: Mocha…..turning a shade of pink. Lovely up[ against the stunning bronze foliage.

The purple summer flower of OPHIOPOGON PLANISCAPUS: Nigrescens. These are followed by round, black fruits…..

GAZANIA: Sunrise…..but no sunrise with no sun, unfortunately! He did try to open but only go this far today:o(

Rudbeckia: Rustic Dwarf, grown from seed. Quite exciting as not long before it’s full on and lots of buds too:o))

French Marigold all from seed. If I’m toally honest, I’m not struck on the scent but the form of this flower is stunning.

The Cosmos Seashell are starting to pop up each day…..

A plethera of poppies…..

Gladioli Flevo Bambino….

This will be DAHLIA Smarty……

…..and this looks like…..LArry the Lamb!! It should grow in to a stunning DAHLIA Blackberry Ripple…..

Sanbaz sent us a Fuschia cutting last year and after much nurturing and talking to it……Ali, not me….it’s looking extremely healthy! Thanks Sandra:o))

Purple Lossestrife by the pond looking healthier than when I bought it last year!

HOSTA Minuteman looking ready to flower……

Buddlia: Black Knight…..Huge this year with loads of flowers coming through!

Now the water pics for Lily….



Asiatic Lily…..

Stamen on Asiatic….

The red Cordy that I cut back and saved thanks to Bamboo’s advice:o))

Leaf on the Fatsia Japonica….something almost spider-like about the veins….

A delicate pansy…

Petunia’s looking nice…

Back of Ladybird Poppy…..

Eucalyptus leaf with a little droplet….

Another Eucalyptus leaf….

Leaf of the Acidanthera…..

French Marigold……..

I think the next 2 were on the stems of my Chamomile…

Trailing Mixed Lobelia……

New plant….ARGYRANTHEMUM: Daisy Crazy……

Bunny Tail!

So there you have it. Lily apparently inspired by liddle ole me and in return, her amazing pics of those wonderful diamonds, have inspired me to take these. Thanks Lily and you really have got the hang of that camera….I’m playing catch-up now.

And how was your day….

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Fabulous thanks

14 Jul, 2010


wonderful exciting amazing pictures....enjoyed the blog

14 Jul, 2010


No doubt about it win hands down - no contest!!! Absolutely fabulous pics, for once I'm rather speechless (and very envious too).
I especially love the close up angle of Cosmos Seashells and as for the water pics....well it's so hard to choose a favourite but the Argyranthemum Daisy Crazy is just stunning. :o))) With pics like these as a result, you can't complain about having rain on your day off. Well done on capturing all these lovely adornments to your already beautiful flowers. :o)))))))))))))) Now where's that camera.............

14 Jul, 2010


Amazing pics, interesting plants, some I've never seen before. All in all a colourful blogg. Either you have a good camera or you know how to use it. or both!

14 Jul, 2010


Fantastic Photo's Ob,and I am amazed at all the plants with water droplets on them.You definitely have an artists eye ,when it comes to taking pictures,as I don't think I could ever take pics like these.Thanks for showing them...lovely..

14 Jul, 2010


Stunning pictures, water ones especially and just loved your "Plethera of Poppies"
Thank you . :0))

14 Jul, 2010


Can't choose which I like best - wet or dry photos! Actually they are all fantastic. Well done, OB :)

14 Jul, 2010


Wonderful pics... :o)

14 Jul, 2010


stunning photos

14 Jul, 2010


Really enjoyed this blog Dan. I agree about the smell of the French Marigolds but they are beauties.
As others have said you put my camera skills to shame!

14 Jul, 2010


LOVED YOUR PIC'S ...stunning especially the Poppies:-))

14 Jul, 2010


Thank you one and all for your amazing comments!

Drc: No need to thank me....thank you for looking.

Mrsmelon: Glad you enjoyed the blog and pics. Thanks.

Lily: You're way too generous with your comments. As we have the same camera, it's lovely to see the different shots we are achieving. Please do not underestimate the quality of your pics as they are amazing and you are being extremely gracious in in your comments on mine - thank you, all the same. You will know from previous blogs that I do like to find unusual angles for my shots and if it inspires you, then that, in turn, inspires me, which is the whole point of this blog! I rather like the Cosmos too as it's an unusual petal, Thanks again m'lady and I look forward to seeing your next set of super shots:o))))

Heron: Glad you enjoyed it and I am constantly amazed at the different plants I regularly see on here. As for the camera, well, as mentioned above, its a Panasonic Lumix TZ6 and it does seem to produce some decent shots. However, I do seem to delete a lot as well in the pursuit of that _better_ shot!

Bloomer: Thanks for your comments and why not give it a go? I didn't do gardening or photography until about 15 months ago and I've enjoyed every minute of trying something new in both areas. Great fun too!

Valadel: Many thanks for your kind comments. First time for the poppies and grown outside from seed so quite pleased with them. Will definitely try some more varieties next year and hope to collect some seeds from this year!

Gee: Thanks and hope you're keeping well. How's the Rowan coming on?

TT/Donnah: Thank you both:o))

Digs: The marigolds are indeed, a sight to behold and look lovely dotted around the garden. As for the camera skills, well, as previously mentioned, the beauty of digital photography is that you can have a HUUUUUUGE cutting room! Glad you enjoyed.

Swanky: Thank you kindly and I do like the poppies myself. Had some lilac pompoms as well which are so amazing in bloom!

14 Jul, 2010


Well thats it then------ I will have to go and buy a Panasonic Lumix TZ6 ! !
Cannot believe I've just said that, a year an a half ago I had never used a computer let alone posted a photo.
This site is brilliant I think we all inspire one another.

14 Jul, 2010


Lol! Go for it Valadel!

They aren't too expensive for what you are getting and easy to handle as ell.

As for all inspiring each other......TOO TRUE!! It is exactly a year this month since I joined GoY and I have been nothing but inspired from the day I first joined. A wonderful place full of wonderful people and wonderful stories/experience.

I look forward to seeing your new pics in time!! How exciting:o))

14 Jul, 2010


I've heard many good reports about the Panasonic LumixTZ6 a friend of mine who has the same camera as me (let's just call it expensive) told me that his wife bought a Lumix TZ6 and though 'technically' it hasn't the ability of his, he admits that it takes better pics, most of the time. Oddbillie your pics are brilliant.

15 Jul, 2010


Know what you mean about the cutting room floor Dan, it's knee deep here! You've got me thinking about unusual angles now, yesterday evening I lay down under the trailing begonias (they're in a planter). I had a job getting up again and the shots were......well.....interesting!! I wasn't much interested in photograpy before GoY either so you're dead right Val about us all inspiring each other. Do get the camera, it's probably a bit cheaper now as it's been around a while. It was double my original budget when I got it but I've never regretted choosing it.

15 Jul, 2010


I wasn't interested in photography either,Lily till I joned....and the positions we get in to take them Lol.I sometimes put the pots on the patio take them......if I can lift them,that is :o)))

15 Jul, 2010


lovely pics Dan and pretty flowers, love that cosmos its so different, the fuschia looks good to but not the one i thought i had sent sorry, but still pretty, i got all my cutting mixed up as usual lol, great pics Dan ;o))

15 Jul, 2010


Fabulous pics, as always!! :-)

16 Jul, 2010


love Larry the lamb =)

17 Jul, 2010


Oddbillie I have been singing your prazies today for the help you've given me with my pond. Its finally coming together as you said it would!!. Your garden is stunning. Like you I dont like the scent of marigolds but I do like the colour!!! I think you have a good eye for photography, love the water pictures. But my friend where is the pond. Im dying to see the pond!!! pretty please

17 Jul, 2010


Heron: Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. It means so much when people pass such judgement on my pics and again, I thank you sincerely:o))

Lily: I have to wear waders when I step onto my cutting room floor!!

Bloomer: That's the spirit!!

San: The fuschia is stunning San and a welcome additon after I lost last years. Will cut this back this winter and maybe pop in GH or will it survive outside if I trim it back and feed it? As for the cosmos, I will send you some sseds if you like. PM your address and you will have them for next year.

David: Thanks my friend. Very kind.

Floralhead: I am posting an updated pic of larry on my photo's very shortly - take a look:o))

Great: Hi there are you? Not seen you around unless I've missed you in my short speels away? Soooo pleased to hear about your pond doing well and will look to see if you have posted any pics tomorrow as off to bed shortly! Glad you like the pics too and will post a pic of 'the pond' shortly! Don't expect much though as it's only a little baby one!

17 Jul, 2010


i would keep it inside just to be sure with our bad winters now Dan, and also dont trim it back till spring when it sprouts new shoots, think hywel told me that, i lost all mine cutting them back, nothing to protect them, guess its like having an open wound, its open to cold,

18 Jul, 2010

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