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Not a good few months.......hope to be back soon!


Hi all!

Well, it’s been an age and I have missed this place dearly but we’ve had a few crazy months all in all.

Things were looking dubious with my job and it’s been a stressful time. We had problems with Ali’s daughter and her relationship which culmintaed in moving back for a week, then back to him and now back home again…..maybe back with him again soon!

I had kidney stones – OMG, the pain was excruciating – and apparently, rare as it is, the severity of my spasms may have crushed the stones and broken them up. That saw me off for a while!

Ali is having problems with her back – some of you know why she is worried more than most would be – and has been in for some tests and back for more in 10 days and I have been having shock pulses in my head which the doctor assures me is nothing to worry about!!!

Oh, and all that stress about my work…..we went in to administration last week and I should be in a job until xmas and then….well, I join the rest if nothing comes up!

So, with a load of other smaller issues to contend with and inclement weather this way, my garden AND GoY, have both taken a back seat. I am hoping to get out there soon for a clean-up for Winter but with everything that’s been going on, I’ve just not felt like doing it – terrible I know.

Anyway, I hope to be back soon and catching up on what I’m sure are some excellent blogs and pics. To the one or two whol mailed me, thanks for your messages and at last one positive thing has haapend in the past few months…..

…..we have booked our wedding for next August. It’s not a big affair as at our age, it’s more about being able to say we are married but despite my job going, it will still go ahead.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. A crazy few months with other things to occupy

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I am sorry to read you've had so many difficulties over the past while....I do so hope you will find you can resume your GOY contact and look forward to spring and better days out in the garden.

You have a summer wedding to look forward to and although you are facing redundancy, you will have a partner to ease you in adjusting to changed circumstances. There are no easy ways to cope with adversity...I do hope you will find things turning around for the better very soon.

1 Nov, 2010


i wish you all the best on your wedding,and hope you keep in touch and will send you lucky prayers,ive had kidney stones and they kill,best wishs chris

1 Nov, 2010


Hope things look up for you from now on. I always found that remaining positive helps during dark times. I'm a firm believer in making our own luck - those who sit back saying "poor me" waiting for someone else to dig them out rarely make it through the bad times. Keep happy - you've got a lovely occasion to look forward to. :o))

1 Nov, 2010


what an awful time you've all been going through and dearly hope and pray that situations improve soon don't forget theres always someone awake on Goy with support for you xxx

1 Nov, 2010


I hope things improve for you and your family.
Nice to have you back on GoY whenever you have the time. xxx

1 Nov, 2010


sorry you have had such a bad time but hope you will be well enough to enjoy looking forward to your wedding [congratulations by the way!] ~ i hear there will be a royal wedding around that time too!
my youngest son will also be getting married in august ~ so its going to be a busy time all round!
all the best

1 Nov, 2010


Sorry to hear of all your troubles, but hey, congratulations on the forthcoming wedding. I wish you all the best.

1 Nov, 2010


sorry to hear all this bad news hun ... but hey a wedding thats a happy event . lets hope it gets better soon 4 you and you both better 4 it lots of hugs and congrats on the day too. look 4 ward to pics . take care christina x

1 Nov, 2010


I'm sorry too ob to hear about all your recent, and ongoing bad time. You've certainly had a lot to contend with, and unemployment and the threat of it can be so awful for so many people.
Making your own luck doesn't come into it when unemployment strikes big time, and can take so much away from you. You know that you have already come through a lot in life, not you particularly, but most people overcome different problems all their lives and you seem like a strong person ob. Somehow you'll pull through, especially with your OH. I wish you all the very best and the health and strength you'll need. You'll be a winner.

1 Nov, 2010


hi Dan sorry to hear things havent been to good and im with you on the gallstone pain, had my gallbladder out less than a year ago, also sorry to hear Ali not been good and tell her im thinking about her and in my prayers for a good result there x, and on the daughter front,, well ,, grrr kids hey, i know that one to haha , what we like never stop worrying Dan i tell you, it can be hell but we get through it and please done get yourself stressed as an expert i tell you it makes you ill so try to keep calm my friend and all will work itself out in the end thats for sure, you have been greatly missed, both of you and miss your pics and blogs which chear us up no end,
anyway you both take care and get back soon, love and hugs for Ali from me please, love sandra xx

1 Nov, 2010


Lord, the sea of life gets damned choppy at times, not surprised you've not been around, or doing any gardening. Congrats on the wedding though - if its any comfort, a choppy patch is usually followed by calm waters...

1 Nov, 2010


thanx for that bamboo, forgot to say congrats for the wedding ;o))

1 Nov, 2010


Hope things are improving for you OB, I`m sure it must be worrying for you on the job front especially when trying to deal with health issues as well. Just hope that you get plenty of sunshine after the storm so to speak. Best wishes.

1 Nov, 2010


Best wishes on your wedding OB hope things improve for you.

1 Nov, 2010


Oh Dan, I wondered where you'd gone ! You've certainly had a lot to contend with these past few months, just one of those worries would have been enough, never mind all of them. I do hope things improve in time, so pleased to learn of your wedding plans, a goal to look forward to if ever there was one. I can now add a comment to a pic of Aquilegia seedlings, the ones you kindly sent me are thriving! Many thanks. : o ))

1 Nov, 2010


Hi Dan, it's lovely to have you back with us but I'm really sorry to hear about all the bad things that have been keeping you away. I'm not surprised you've had no time for gardening or GOY. I do hope all is well for Ali with the next tests and as for Ali's daughter, well, I hope she makes up up her mind soon! Glad to hear you're going ahead with the wedding in spite of your job situation which must be a real blow on top of all those health problems. I've missed your lovely blogs and comments so hope you'll feel like writing some more when things look up for you both. love Lily xx

1 Nov, 2010


OMG Dan, you have been through the wars and I hope you get some better luck soon.

Something my gran used to say which always made sense to me was; "Me and your grandad went through two world wars together, the depression of the thirties and lots of other things besides health worries but having him there to hold my hand made everything else fade away. As long as we were together I knew there was nothing we couldn't overcome" A very wise lady my gran was and she lived to 103!

I hope you and Ali walk down that isle in August with your heads held high, holding hands.

2 Nov, 2010


Nice to hear from you again, OB, but sorry to hear about your difficulties. I wonder if there is any family untouched by redundancy these days - my family has been badly hit too. I do hope things work out for you and so pleased you are going ahead with the wedding regardless. My thoughts and prayers will be with you - God bless :)

2 Nov, 2010


Just popped back to say I am going to 'like' this blog because it's good to see you back and I am delighted with the news about your wedding :)

2 Nov, 2010


Hi all and thanks so much for the kind words and messages of reassurance and support - you're all stars!

In fairness, I tend to be a pretty upbeat person and always try to see some positive in the negative - not that there was much positivenss coming off the back of the kidney stones.....OUCH! NEVER felt pain like it and so much so, it actually dropped me to my knees in the house! Very frightening but hopefully all cleared now.

I was just annoyed as I hadn't found time to get on here and had also been selling loads on ebay to put away for the wedding! The weather was dire most of my days off and I just lost the heart to get out there:0((

Anyway, I have had a theory about the work situation and whilst trying to deal with the whole thing myself, I have also had to try and keep my team in positive mode, so I have been dealing with my worry at home and staying upbeat in work. It may not be all bad and slowly, my theory is, I think, taking shape and my team can see it as well so I will just say....WATCH THIS SPACE! I may be completely wrong but fingers crossed!

So, without replying to each of you above in a personal note as I normally would, Just want to say thanks kindly one and all and hope to be around very soon or at least dipping in and out so you will rpobably see some comments popping up on some of your older blogs from the past few months!

By the way, I did manage to get out there yesterday for the afternoon to clean the GH inside and out and put some terracotta pots in there for the winter. Slowly but surely.....

2 Nov, 2010


'Watch this space' ... that sounds intriguing ... well done on cleaning the GH ... that's one chore out of the way! Just take it easy though ... remember you've been poorly recently. Good luck with viewing all the Blogs on here ... there are many of them. : o ))

3 Nov, 2010


You probably need to read Spritzhenry's 'eating the elephant' blog Oddbillie. Hope all goes well for you from now on:-)

3 Nov, 2010


Fingers crossed for you Dan (very difficult to type though! lol) that your theory works out. We'll be glad to see you whenever you can visit GoY. x

3 Nov, 2010


sorry to hear of your troubles Dan, sometimes these things come in waves and you wonder what youve done to deserve it all. And sometimes redundancy can be the catalyst to do something different and open new windows of opportunity. hope things improve for you soon so that you can put it behind and get on with the good things in life

7 Nov, 2010


Just you take care, both of you!!! :-)))

8 Nov, 2010

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