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WEEK OFF: Days 2 & 3 - Marvelous Monday & Tiring Tuesday!


Well, after a great first day of my week off spent ‘out there’, there was still some pottering about to do, so Monday came around and I was out there pretty early.

First pic had to be of the new watering can I mentioned in the last blog. Bought it for the TerrorJACdyl for when he’s over at weekends. He loves to walk around the garden watering all the plants but the can I use is too cumbersome and heavy so I saw this one and thought……

I’m guessing he’ll like this one! (for those who don’t know, Jac is the grandson, aged 6 next month!)

Of course, there were one or two others in the garden early as well who were interested in what I was doing…..

Standing over the planter with Pinnochio Tulips produced this picture…..

…and the Emporer Tulips come to life with a bit of sun:0)

Moved a few pots around……

….and some more…..

Don’t the Peach Blossom Tulips look delicious when all opened like this?

Close-up, including a little compost, of my Helichrysum: Ruby Cluster…..

One of the pair who are nesting just under my porch roof:0)

Another up in the conifers….

This little fella wa happily watching over proceedings…

Close-up of my Jack Frost…..Are those little buds I see popping their heads up…….? How cool!

Water droplet on Bellis Red…..

This is the new Honeysuckle we got to climb the trellis by the GH. LONICERA: Henryi….

Up this trellis please, Mrs H!

BERGENIA: Harzkristall – the full size for Greenthumb! Not as big as you think but still looking quite healthy:0)

Some more little friends keeping an eye out appeared periodically….

My Muscari is looking pretty healthy too. Nice little flower this one…

This fella just tended to take it easy most of the day……okay, ALL day!

That was pretty much it for the Monday apart form planting up a whack of different seeds. Then came Tuesday……….

Despite being on a week off, I had to attend a meeting in Reading. Up early, on train and there by 10am. Now, everytime I go to a meeting or conference, something always happens on the return train journey, if a particular guy from one of our other stores is on the train as well. It’s become a standing joke now as I’m always late home due to train breaks down, train slows down, stalls outside stations for 20 mins etc etc. Well, over lunch, he asked what was going to happen today on the train and I replied, ‘Nothing if you’re on a different train mate!’

He came with myself and another guy and after he had got off at Swindon, we carried on our way with my other colleaugue departing at Cardiff. Fine, apart from the train was 10 minutes late into Reading due to only running on one engine! So, by the time we got to my stop at Bridgend, the train was now HALF AN HOUR late AND…………………………………………………………………………………………………I was asleep! I woke up with the train static at the station and not knowing where I was. By the time I came to, I dashed out of my chair and stuck my head out of the window to shout at the guy on the platform but he said, ‘Sorry mate,he’s ready to pull away so I can’t do owt!’


8.30pm I got into Bridgend – should have been 7pm! Ali said I was dopey but it’s the first time I’ve ever fallen asleep on a train! Nightmare, lol!! At least I was able to relax with a stress-free day yesterday:0)

And how was your day………..?

Hyacinth: Orange in flower.

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I love your garden arrangements

15 Apr, 2010


Lovely photos OB, Jacs watering can is cool (I want one) and are the fairy lights solar powered? :-))

15 Apr, 2010


I live at the end of the train line so that can't happen to me! :-) That orange hyacinth is stunning as are the rest of your arrangements.

15 Apr, 2010


I loved your pics -I did the same aged 16 (first holiday abroad) caught the train from London home - hadnt had any sleep for a week and fell asleep - to this day I can still see the poor ladys face opposite me when I realised where I was and as the train was pulling away grabbed my rucksack and jumped out (slam door trains and it was only pulling away slowly!!!) she was gobsmacked. I phoned my dad (no mobiles then!!) and was asleep by the time he picked me up outside the station next to the telephone box!! I apparently slept until the next evening so obviously a good holiday!!! (Amsterdam and the booze was really cheap need I say more!!!!!)

15 Apr, 2010


lovely blog Dan, your jack frost has buds im so jelous and dont worry about honeysuckle i got one last year and its gone mad across my shed so im sure your will to, great pics and lots of lovely tulips :o))

15 Apr, 2010


You are enjoying your week in the garden OB!.....Yet again, some great photo's. :o))

15 Apr, 2010


Love the story bout the train my hubby uses the Barry to Cdf trains for work We actually met on Barry station 28yrs ago.He's missed his stop by falling asleep and also by getting too involved in reading a book. He's also got on the wrong train at Cdf Central more than once and ended up in Maesteg. Lol

15 Apr, 2010


Good second installment OB, I`m sure Jac will just love his prince of a watering can. Your shot of the Pinnochio Tulips reminded me of little birds all with their beaks open clammering for food. I planted a Lonicera henryii last year and its doing well, so I`m sure yours will soon be up that trellis.

15 Apr, 2010


Jac is so lucky to have his own watering can. I am sure he will be a great worker in the garden. Perhaps if I buy my twins aged 26 a watering can each they might help me ha ha. I cant imagine falling asleep on a train. I cant seem to sleep any where. Garden is lovely. It must be lovely to have a 6yr old interested in gardening

15 Apr, 2010


A train ! Another great blog...particularly like the "drift " effect of the pinnoccio tulips..looking good.

15 Apr, 2010


Great blog, OB, and I'm so glad you are having a good week in spite of the train incident :) (Must admit it made me laugh, did it several times years ago when I used to commute!). That orange hyacinth is fantastic, I have never seen anything other than blue, pink and white. Did it smell as good as the others?

Enjoy the rest of your 'holiday' :)

15 Apr, 2010


Drc726: Thank you. I moved them around to try and colour range them!

Annella: No, the ligfhts are electric. We already had them inside in the kitchen but as often happens with Ali, I came home from work last year to find them out in the garden and they are lovely when you're sat out on the decking in the summer:0) I can't remember where we got his watering can from either but I know they had another one too......a pink pig with golden wings!

Tatia: Thanks, the Hyacinth is rather nice, I must admit.

Genius: Lol! Sounds like a cooooool holiday and a tiring one:0)) So annoyed with myself but then thought, what's to worry about? Easily done......if you're me....NOT! Funny though:0)

Sanbaz: My little Frostie is even better today. NANANANANANA! Just kidding. It does look good though:0) Thanks for the comments too. Watch this space with the Honeysuckle - looks quite healthy today.

PG: Thanks and YES, I am enjoying it:0)

GG1: What a legend he is! More than once you say? So I'm just a novice at it.....LOL!

Stroller: See what you mean about the tulips! :0)

Great: Maybe the frog with crown and pig with golden wings as mentioned above would be nice for the twins although they may fight over who has which one!Jac isn't so interested but does like to water the plants and help me put compost in the pots as he gets his hands dirty! I think it's just because I'm doing it and he HAS to do what Dan is doing, eat what Dan is eating and watch what.....oh, what he wants, that's right. Not aloowed to watch anything I want when he's here:0)

BB: Thanks BB. Glad you like the tulips and the effect they give.

Gee:Thanks Gee. You laughed at me but you did it yourself......okay, I'll let you off for owning up! Yes, the hyacinth smells dleightful and next year, we plan a full planter of them outised the conservatory just for the smell:0)) I certainly will enjoy it and just doing Day 5 blog!

Thanks all!

15 Apr, 2010


lol Dan,, haha, i think mine has buds going to double check tomoz , nanaannana ;o)))

15 Apr, 2010


great photos & blog

15 Apr, 2010


Lol! If it has San, post a pic and I will do likewise:0)

Thanks Elsiemay:0)

15 Apr, 2010


I love tulips with the sun behind them, in fact loved all your tulips and pots etc. The bergenia has a brilliant ratio of flowers to leaf, my old ones (soon to be gone) flower very unspectacularly and the flowers were not very pretty either. Yours is lovely. I've also been looking at bergenia lunar glow, it appears to have golden leaves, but I don't know if the colour lasts. Lovely blog:-))

16 Apr, 2010


Not seen that one Bornagain. Will google it later and take a look:0

Thanks for the kind comments.

16 Apr, 2010


Yes OB just a novice. I mustn't complain he's doing his best at looking after me this week and as I ran before I could walk a few days ago I'm now having to stay off my feet as much as possible, but guess what I get to go to the Garden Centre tmw although really I wanted to go to the RHS show in Cardiff but there's always next year.

16 Apr, 2010


I`m working backwards Dan (circumstances beyond my control,named Gremlin) had a laugh at your train excursion !!!!!!!. Love those tulips especially the Peach Blossom ones............

17 Apr, 2010


A laugh at my train excursion.......why ever for??????? Lol!

The peach Blossom's are nice aren't they?

Hope you sort your Gremlin!

17 Apr, 2010

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