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WEEK OFF: Day 7 - Serene Saturday.......


Well, after a rather busy and productive week, I decided that today would be a gentle, relaxing day……….aah, I can see it now, a nice lie-in, then up and brekkie out on the decking whilst Ali’s in work. Have a little wander around the garden in the sun and check on the seedlings……….aah, sounds grea……..‘DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN’……….‘WAKE UP! Nanny’s going to work!!!!!!!’

Oh, you’re still here then Jac! I’ll get up then shall I?

After my very early morning wake up call…..cheers buddy, I went downstairs and started the day with 2 × 8 rounds of boxing……..on the PS2!

Whack….wallp…….kapow……it was more like Batman of old. Anyway, when a certain someone got bored ofthat, we had to play lego……..Alright, I can’t help it if I was rubbish at boxing and wanted to play Lego…..get off my back guys……Lego is cool and it’s what our house is built of……just like in the Santander ads…..ops, can I advertise on here?

What the heck, Coca-cola, Pepsi, Cadbury’s Creme Egg, Bird’s Eye potato waffles… waffley versatile…..STOOOOOOOOOOOP!

Sorry, so we made a big police house where the police mans live,so Jac tells me. We also had some marmalade on toast and when nanny got home, he got washed and dressed to go home. After much cuching and NOOOO kisses coz that’s just gross man……oh, just the one or three then:0), off he went and they left me to my own devices.

I took a little wander through GoY before putting together my last blog. After I had published that, I just took it easy with a Cadbury’s Caramel…..OY, don’t start all that again! Having decided to have an easy day, I set about, this afternoon, cutting the lawn before taking a few snaps of life in various forms in the garden. First on the hitlist was my Oxalis adenophylla: Silver Shamrock…….

How stunning is this one close-up!!

One for SANBAZ of my Brunnera: Jack Frost. The first bud to open today:0)

Mr B sang from on high…….

…..and I potted on some more Seashells Red Cosmos seedlings.

As well as a full tray of French Marigold.

The logic behind these Marigolds is that whereas some folk plant them in their veg patches to deter the old slugsters, my idea is to pot them on into bigger tubs and place the tubs around the edge of the raised plots so they look nice and deter the slugs from going in there in the first place! It may work, it may not, but it’s fun trying:0)

This little one came back for more after a good old nosh yesterday…..

Oooooh…..she’s popping through…….

Getting a bit carried away with these water shots now….sorry. The pond is behind this spray!

Skimia Japonica is looking and smelling lovely…..

Water cascading onto Silver Shamrock……

…..and Aser on the gravel…..nice contrast!

As the early evening drew ever closer, Mr B was sat high in next door’s mighty Oak singing, once again, to his lovely wife……who was probably out shopping and missed it all but c’est la vie!

….and how was your day?


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Lovely pics OB :o)

17 Apr, 2010


lovely blog and pics,oddbillie.My day has been lovely too,even thoiugh I have done no gardening whatsoever,apart from putting all my seedlings,cuttings and plants outside before heading off out for the day...:o)))

17 Apr, 2010


You know something? reading all your lovely blogs this week makes me think you should write a play or a drama about gardening. No really, I mean it, what you write is easy to follow and I see the pictures in my head as your telling the story. Maybe it is something you should consider. Who wants viloence and murder all day every day???
Your phots are lovely as usual. I love the shamrock the leaves make me think of lupins, same basic shape. The Asher is lovely against the gravel.

17 Apr, 2010


What on Earth do you have for breakfast .. it certainly keeps you going all day judging by your daily blogs which are very entertaining ! Photos of Lego sadly missing ... I used to love building Lego with the children ... we built Star Wars spaceships one Christmas. The Acer looks lovely , Skimmia too, lovely to see your birds feeding. : o )

17 Apr, 2010


Another entertaining blog with smashing photo's!

17 Apr, 2010


Its all been said already, but lovely blogs. Very entertaining

17 Apr, 2010


lol Dan, enjoyed your blog again lol,lovely pics, your jack frost is coming on great guns now, ive took a pic but mine still behind yours, may post tomoz or take another and see if its grown a bit more hahha, love the silver shamrock, im sure i had this one but no more, so may have another if i come across one,enjoy tomoz cause back to work monday for you me laddo ;o))

17 Apr, 2010


You have had a grand week Dan and I`ve really enjoyed seeing your garden and reading all your blogs, as usual lovely photo`s, you`re really having fun with the water pics,tell me have you soaked your feet yet?...I`m a dab hand with the lego although my grandson tells me off if I get things wrong, he`s 9yrs and yes knows exactly how to handle Nannie....

17 Apr, 2010


lol Lincslass x

18 Apr, 2010


Thanks TT, PG & Cinderella:0)

Bloomer: You got something done though and that is better than nothing at all! Hope you had a good day out after.....

Great: Once again you humble me with your extremely generous comments. I just get extreme pleasure out of pottering out there. When I first started out there last year and Ali said she wanted a GH & veg plot etc, I merely said I would 'do some colour' on the decking. She remarked that I should blog my/our progress on the net and I said that no-one would be remotely interested in our garden or what we do in it! By pure chance, I stumbled upon this site when I googled a question on ponds as we had decided we wanted one because we had spotted a frog down by the compost bin behind the GH! When I took a little look around GoY, I realised that people put their own blogs on here and I was totally enthralled by them all! Isoon ventured into blogging and have gained immense pleasure, ever since, in sharing the journey with fellow GoYers. I'm glad you enjoy the blogs as I set out to add a little light humour to make them more interesting. When I read everyone else's blogs, I feel the same as you do about mine so I truly appreciate your comments.

Megan: Generally nothing and Ali goes spare! If she is off with me, she makes sure I have something but I've never been a brekkie man meself. Guess I've done all this on pure adrenalin and a passion to make it all nice for us:0) Thanks you also for the comments. I did pop some pics of lego on a previous blog but that was to show how I utilised Lego inside my squirrel feeder to save wastage on the nuts!

Sanbaz: Wait another day and take a pic.......ya cheat LOL! Got 3 buds open on it today in the glorious sunshine:0) AND, did you have to mention the dreaded 'W' word?????

Lincs: Soaked my feet yet.....? I'm on me third camera and 7th pair of shoes!! lol! I'm pretty lucky in the lego stakes as Jac will go along with pretty much anything I say......even when I say Nanny is a Know-nothing Nanny!!!

Thanks again all and another restful day today. Going to go and do us a nice prawn salad with my own dressing......YUMMY! OOut on decking methinks with a cold glass of cider:0))

18 Apr, 2010


what WORK Dan lol

18 Apr, 2010



18 Apr, 2010


lmao hahaha

18 Apr, 2010


Oddbillie you are so welcome have a nice rest!!

18 Apr, 2010


I couldn't agree with Great more,you are a natural storyteller, and you write so well Od, you've completely captured my attention~your blogs are a joy, as are your picts. Thank you for your sparkling wit and making me smile from 'ere to 'ere haa haa haa! :~))

21 Apr, 2010

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