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WEEK OFF: Final Blog.......and what a week!


Well, what a week, or 9 days as I tagged my days off for this week onto the end, it has been. Sunny, productive, happy, at times tiring but above all….exhilirating!! I got loads done and with the help of my able helper, Veg plot Vera – aka Ali – we also got the veg sorted as well.

The week has finished with 2 bits of good news but more of that in a while. I just wanted to share, if I may, just a little more time sharing my week with you. What better way to start than with a nice, uplifting pic.

The sun is shining down on a healthy Aser with colour abound around it….

Diamonds upon Lupins!

Decking steps with top pot housing Aquilegia: Clementine White and a Balcon Lilac Geranium. Next down is Pansy: F1 Purple followed by Rose Delight Arabis. The bottom pot with gravel is Lavender grown by Ali last year and seemingly doing well since I potted on…..

In my floral rug of 3 colours of Emperor Tulips, the inside of each colour now look like this when opened….




The forgotten-about Alliums are coming along nicely and glad to be finally potted!

Muscari coming along nicely too……

….and a bit of colour down by the veg patch…..

Still a bit of vibrancy left over from Winter…..

Orange Hyacinth looking….not quite as orange as I expected but it smells good and another bloom coming through:0)

Just caught this little tit through the balistrade when I was sat having a cuppa….

“Man, I’ll never eat the whole bowlful…..!”

At this point, the first bit of exciting news……

We popped to the GC yesterday as we needed a few little bits – forgot the main items, some bamboo canes! – and as we walked through to the outside area where they have a local company selling sheds, we had a little look at some as the one we have was here when we moved in and is clearly very old and brittle. Anyway, we were looking to replace it in a year or two but, I was rather taken with one shed in particular. As some of you may recall, we lost my mum in January and she left a small amount of money to share between the 4 children. My wonderful woman Ali suggested that I get the shed and see it as a gift from Mum. She said that I never buy anything for myself and if I wasn’t with her, and she had the money, she would have bought it anyway.

So, after some persuasion, we went back up to the girl and booked it and will be leaving shortly to go and pay the deposit. Oh, forgot to mention, it’s not an Apex shed or any old shed for that matter……….oh no, it’s actually an 8 × 6 Potting Shed, fully treated and guaranteed for 15 years! She said that I would get more use out of it and we can chuck all the rubbish we store in the current shed in the garage. How cool is that. As we drove away, she looked at me and said,’ Don’t be thinking that you can’t justify spending that money on yourself because I won’t have it! You will get years of use out of it and it will stop us from just putting anything in a normal shed and not actually using it!’…….she knows me so well. That is indeed, what I was thinking! So, I am now very happy, as I was anyway, and looking forward to May, when it should be installed:0

So, back to the garden, don’t know how I caught this colour on the Aser but I swear it’s not been ‘doctored’. Very nice though…..

RESULT!! Got back from the GC earlier and the shed people have got one of the Potting Sheds in stock! So, it’s being delivered and installed on Saturday AND, they will dismantle and remove the very old shed currently stood there!

‘Happy days are here again………well, they have been all week but this is just a bonus! Talking of bonus’s, today, the final day of my 9 off work has been a bit extra special to say the least. Firstly, about two and a half hours ago, Ali suggested we start moving some of the rubbish we have stored in the shed, down to the garage, in readiness for Saturday. You may remember in one of my earlier blogs last week, I mentioned that there was a mouse in the shed………

Well, within minutes of moving some boxes, all mayhem broke loose when I told Ali there was another mouse in there…..or, he had in fact come back! She remarked that if there’s one, there’s normally a family but I said, ’Don’t be silly, 2 at most!’ When I moved a dust sheet off the staging in there, WHOOOOOOSH…….3 more of the little tykes went bombing all over the place and from that moment on, Ali refused to go in there! I removed the watering can we keep for weeding out the front and lo and behold, a little face was staring up at me……

I couldn’t see how they would be getting in, until… of them shot out of this hole in the corner…

Ali, ever full of ideas and worried they would go back in….like it matters now….found an old champagne cork in the kitchen drawer and I duly placed it in the hole like so…..

This morning, in between Ali’s shifts, we were sat out on the decking enjoying a cuppa when our attention was drawn to the Rowan. It was the most wonderful feeling to be able to get close-ups of these 2 beautiful little Goldfinches…..

An amazing feeling as I stood totally still in the GH to get these pics.

They flew up into the Rowan and if you look very carefully, you will se one on each side of the next picture…..

So, another quick snoop around the garden to see how things were doing….

Aquilegia: Clementine Blue is looking healthy….

Eucalyptus is producing some new shoots as well.

A view from behind a planter looking across and down the garden….

All in all, it’s been a delightful day and it culminated in something not for the faint-hearted BUT, the pics I am about to show are of nature and by the time Ali saw this through our kitchen window, it was too late to do anything. So, I was ablt to capture a part of nature’s cycle, happening in our garden. I apologise if anyone is offended by me publishing these pics but as I say, it was too late to do wot and it is just nature…..

We believe it is a Sparrowhawk and it had obviously swooped just before Ali looked out the window. It is, unfortunately, a collared dove that it has caught but upsetting as it is to see, you have to marvel at how majestic this animal is…..

I have seen them flying above us when out driving but to see one so close up, subject matter aside, was just an amazing end to an amazing day!

So, 9 wonderful days spent moving gravel, potting on my first seedlings, getting meself a new potting shd, seeing 3 new animals in our garden in one day and a chance to share it all with you lovely people. I so do NOT want to go back to work tomorrow but all this frivolity has to be paid for somehow!

So, finally, a big thanks for all your kind comments on my never-ending run of blogs and may this glorious weather continue long into the coming weeks so that you all may enjoy great times in your little havens…….

’What’s that? What was the other bit of good news? Oh, right. Well, with some of the money that mum left, Ali and I have decided to get married next year! That was all:0)

….and how was your week….and 2 days?

Anemone: Blanda White

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congrats to you both - you did have a good week off and very productive its been great to have your week in blogs i`v really enjoyed them ....

19 Apr, 2010


i thought you 2 were married the way you write about her. You 2 are made for each other its obviously to all of us reading this. Congratulations

19 Apr, 2010


Viv you must have free submit the second i did, and #I wanted to be the 1st to congratulate them both ah well

19 Apr, 2010


I'll say rhar agin. You must have PRESSED submit the 2nd I did

19 Apr, 2010


you are so clever to get the photos of the sparrow hawk, Wow double wow

19 Apr, 2010


I cant spell tonight sorry

19 Apr, 2010


I am so happyfor you both! congratulations. And what a productive week off too.your garden looks fantastic, you are a great team together. The photography and content have been super and Ive really enjoyed reading your blogs.

19 Apr, 2010


Now we get to it,the real reason you're so happy and everything in the garden is wonderful !! Isn't it amazing how much more you notice when you're in love ? :)))
Congratulations to you both :)

19 Apr, 2010


What a brilliant end to a brilliant week! Many congrats from me too ! ! !

19 Apr, 2010


By the way, brilliant pics of flowers, plants AND killer bird! All part of life's rich pattern, as they say - and you know what they are - BRILLIANT!

19 Apr, 2010


I have so enjoyed your blogs, fantastic photos, excellent commentary and the best news of your impending wedding. My congratulations to you both.

19 Apr, 2010


fantastic news congrats to you both.
wonderful blog and photos. :o)

19 Apr, 2010


Congrats to you both. Loving reading your blog, wonderful photos. :)

19 Apr, 2010


I know it seems cruel but in the end its Natures way and comes down to survival doesn`t it., they are still good photo`s.That shed sounds like a bit of alright Dan, must admit if it was me helping you clear out the old one and I saw a mouse you wouldn`t see me for dust, as to your other news, well I`m delighted for you both and I love the way you popped it in at the end........Don`t work too hard ,I will also miss your daily blog........

19 Apr, 2010


wow great news both of you on your marriage plans, about time to lol, great blog, jelous your getting a potting shed hahha, acer by the way Dan,, ;o)) and great shots of the sparrowhawk, a bit sad to but well done,, "Dan getting married in the morning,,,, ding dong the bells are going to chime,,, pull out the stopper lets have a wopper, but get me to the church on time" hahahah love to you both xx

19 Apr, 2010


Congrats..on the marriage, the shed and the wonderful catch of nature at its most grizzly!

20 Apr, 2010


Many congratulations...on the blog and the forthcoming wedding !

20 Apr, 2010


Hi guys...Ali here, thank you for all the good luck & best wishes.....busy times ahead for us methinks, but its about time I made an honest man of him lol.
I was wondering if any of you knowledgable folk could enlighten me....... the pic Dan took of the "mouse" in watering can it a mouse or is it a baby RAT........and how can you tell please??
Dan's convinced its a mouse.......but me, ever the optimist, am not so sure!!!
Its got Big ears and very Big feet too.......if it was a puppy I would say "Oh its gonna be a big dog" but I don't know if its the same with
Any info is greatly appreciated. Ali x

21 Apr, 2010


It 'does' look big, Ali :-/
I've had a mouse here and it was the tiniest thing ..... i'm thinking that puppy will turn into a big dog too !

21 Apr, 2010


Ali dont worry it looks like a little field or door mouse,most likely a field mouse, we get them under our shed, just dont leave bits of food out for birds overnight or they will all come , i just put food out first thing so i know it will get eaten right away, but its not a rat lol, so happy for you by the way xx

21 Apr, 2010


It was less than 3 inches long and all 4 in the shed were the same size! It was actually tiny, but the close up makes him look bigger!

The pic is him inside a watering can. Trust me, he was tiny!

I've just sent the image to an expert online for verification and if it is a rat, then I will apologise on this public domain. If Ali is wrong, she does not have to do this. I am used to her being wrong so she can just apologise with a lump sum of money into my bank account.....:0)))~


I am off to work but I will be back tonight with a HUUGE thanks for all your comments.'s off to work I go....

21 Apr, 2010


Posted just before me...thanks San! It is so small it's untrue. They are just unpredictable and jump around quickly which sets Ali!!

Right, WORK!! Stop laughing you! :0)

21 Apr, 2010


lol, i quite like the little mice, so cute and cheeky to , dont tell Ali rats come up through the toilet then lol

21 Apr, 2010


I heard that San.....:o)

21 Apr, 2010


Ugh !

21 Apr, 2010


I have really enjoyed all your blogs so many lovely flowers and wildlife even the Sparrowhawk,you have had a busy week also congratulations.

21 Apr, 2010


I am out of words to say how much I have enjoyed your blogs Od, meeting you and Ali and Jac through this has been wonderful and totally heartwarming. Congrats on wedding plans, you'll have to send us all an invite lol! Really enjoyable blog, picts and your ever present humour~fantastic as always :~))

21 Apr, 2010


lol Ali

21 Apr, 2010


Firstly, a HUUUUUGE heartfelt thanks to you all for your kind comments, not only on our plans for next year but also on my blogs over the last week that have been so enjoyable to do. The fact that it can bring a smile to someone's face and make for enjoyable reading, makes it all the more inspirational for me:0)

It's a great feeling when you're in love and it makes everything all the more acceptable in life when you have someone to share that with and who inspires, supports and believes in you.........I have yet to find that so, for now, Ali will suffice........LOL!!!

Just kidding. She's wonderful, kind-sprited, funny - only don't tell her coz I always say she's not! - and truly a joy to be around. It is a wonderfully exciting feeling and thought to think that within a 15-18 months, she will be married to me and I can't blame her for feeling that way! Me, I can take or leave it:0))

Thanks again everyone and look out for my latest blog due shortly!

21 Apr, 2010


Ali ...I was once told mice have hair covered tails and rats are hairless on the tail...don't know how true it is, but it has calmed my fears in the past to believe it! lol ;o))

22 Apr, 2010


Congrats to you both :-))

22 Apr, 2010


Ali,just google baby rats,some very cute pics lol ;)) but nothing like your little ones -phew !!

22 Apr, 2010


Fantastic blog and pics Oddbillie! Back to work Monday?....:o((

24 Apr, 2010


Uh, no Dylandog....started back last Monday.....:0(((((((((

Had a great 9 days though and have another week in May so hopefully nice weather again!

Thanks to you and Annella And Aster for your kind comments:0)

24 Apr, 2010

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