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Another walk in the park


After a week off, another trip to the park with granddaughter. This time, I prioritised visiting a variety of different areas – not necessarily appreciated by said granddaughter, who considers the ducks and the play area the only reason for being in the park. After her vocal resistance to being returned to the pushchair the first time, however, the second occasion elicited no opposition at all, much to my satisfaction!

This map will show how well the park is laid out. There are banks and many changes of level between the different areas – the longest vistas are around the lake – so the impression is of a much larger area than actually exists. It really becomes quite confusing until one knows it very well. It is easy to spend a long time there before one repeats one’s route : an object lesson in garden design!

One of the (lower) embankments, planted with daffodils and chionodoxa.

This fountain, installed when the park was refurbished in 2007, was designed to echo the original Victorian fountain in this position.

Lovely, isn’t it?

One of my favourite nooks.

This used to be the Garden for the Blind. Last year, my 3-year-old grandson spent AGES running around the paths, pretending to be a steam train, stopping at each “station” (there are several bench seats). It adjoins the rhododendron/azalea garden – gorgeous!

One of the entrances to the rose garden.

The rose garden.

Shaded and pretty barren in March but so beautiful in season, and a magnet for my boys on their scooters when they were little. Those beautiful trees in the centre cascade almost to the ground in summer – perfect for hiding! And the seats around the edge are shaded by the most beautiful weeping willows and birches.

Part of the new garden for the blind.

Absolutely chock full of hyacinths today, and smelling wonderful!

Spring in the park. What more is there to say?

Except, of course – why am I here?

Little Miss Determined!!!

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Oh goodness, I was born near Hesketh Park and my mum used to wheel me round and round the lake to try to get me to sleep!!
I have been under that arch into the rose garden many times!
I used to like the garden for the blind and when we returned there last year, I was sorry that it had gone.
It is lovely to seeing it looking so beautiful and as for that grand daughter of yours, she is so sweet!
Sorry to have gone on a bit but what a nice surprise!!

31 Mar, 2016


Its a lovely place Melchi -how grand that you have somewhere like that to take your little princess, with or without the ducks! Thank you for the little tour.

31 Mar, 2016


Thank you, Wldrose! You didn't go on at all. It is always a heart-catching experience to see somewhere from childhood, especially unexpectedly. I love Hesketh Park so much and it has been an important place for me since I was expecting my eldest, more than 40 years ago. I am so glad that it is still treasured and nurtured even while public spending is so limited. I spoke to a gardener there today who was trimming hedges and admired how cared-for it looks.

Thanks Stera - I am glad you enjoyed the tour. I could have gone on, but restraint prevailed!

31 Mar, 2016


What a brilliant place for children and grown ups alike! I love your little grand-daughter. I bet she'll be a total handful when she hits 13! Lol! :))

1 Apr, 2016


What a beautiful park and what a pleasure it must be to walk round it and see how the plants are faring. I envy you.

1 Apr, 2016


It's a beautiful park and you had a sunny day too.
I loved the leafless trees with the blue sky behind them just as they are in springtime :)
I think your grand daughter will grow to enjoy it differently as she grows up. Little children don't have the same priorities lol

1 Apr, 2016


Oh yes, Karen, I dare say you're right! I won't go there just yet ? (I sincerely hope I'll still be visiting the park then!)

Thanks, Arbuthnot. It is a lovely place to visit and I do appreciate it.

So true, Hywel. My daughter - now in her 30s - loves to go there. So does her 3-year-old, and so it goes on... It is such a beautiful place, and I feel privileged to have it just around the corner.

1 Apr, 2016


Beautiful spring blog......especially the lovely flower at the end
Wee girl who knows her own mind bless her ?

2 Apr, 2016


Thanks, Hb! It is a beautiful place for a walk. I love it.
She loves her wellies!

2 Apr, 2016


what a gorgeous park to have so close to you. where I grew up in sunderland there were several parks and each had a different delight depending on the time of year. Backhouse park for the crocuses Roker park for the boating lake and little fairy dell [any time really] and it led to the beach.

we are really lucky in the uk with the municipal parks. Hull has several too but I tend not to get into hull much now to enjoy them.

thanks for sharing and glad little miss didn't put you off going bless her.

3 Apr, 2016


Thats a lovely place and I can see why you love going there, I agree we are lucky with so many beautiful places for a wander and share with others.
I'm on grandaughters side though, the ducks win every time with me as well, thanks for sharing Melchi...

3 Apr, 2016


Thanks, Sbg and Lincslass. I agree about the parks in the UK. I have happy memories of childhood visits. We moved around a bit, but there was always a park in the town. I have definitely spent more time there since I had children, and now grandchildren. There are always so many interesting things to see. I think a lot of parks are struggling with maintenance during the present cuts in public spending but I sincerely hope they survive as an institution. Our parks here have hard-working and devoted volunteers, and Hesketh Park still has a team of gardeners, thank goodness.

4 Apr, 2016

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