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This morning, I took myself off to my favourite nursery for container plants. It was a warm, sunny day and the place was very busy. But for once I had timed it well, and there was still a really good choice.

As usual, I had told myself I would just get a few plants to refresh pots, many of which have a perennial or two already growing in them. And – as usual – I bought loads of stuff, thinking “Oh well, I have plenty of containers around, a couple of empty troughs, and I like to pack them in anyway …” (!)

Such goodies, though! Gorgeous non-stop begonias which always do well, really healthy antirrhinums which I like to put in front of the greenhouse in troughs, reliable fibrous begonias, lovely pink cosmos (I grew some from seed two years ago, and every one was eaten) and impatiens. How good to see busies back again – I missed them. I also bought a dozen pelargoniums, which I find irresistible. I treated myself to a dozen “basket plants” in single pots as well. They are mostly trailing, and will enhance any hanging baskets that I plant up.

Our large mpv is off the road at the moment, and we have a courtesy car – it’s tiny! I haven’t driven such a small car since I took my test in a mini. I was seriously concerned I might not get everything home – every surface was covered with plants! I had thought of getting some multi-purpose compost, but no chance. I’ll just have to pop down to the local garden centre tomorrow.

Now there’s a thought …

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I can relate to the majority of your blog, not the small car bit, as mine is quite small, but can be packed with gardening stuff and it's amazing how much you can cram in! As today is damp and dismal I may well do as you did and nip to the local nursery for a look round!

25 May, 2016


Yes, I bought some Bizzy lizzies this year for the first time in ages.....they look very healthy so far.
I thought i had too many plants too, but I keep finding empty pots...oh well, more to water!

25 May, 2016


Good news that they're back - never really took to the New Guinea hybrids. Best to hasten slowly for the first year...
I decided to have fewer containers this year but they look so sad and forlorn standing empty - its not going to last, I can feel a nursery visit coming on.

25 May, 2016


I hope you made it to the nursery, Honeysuckle. If you call your car "quite small" I think it may be bigger than this one! I'm not knocking it, though - it's very nippy, uses remarkably little fuel, and transported all my plants safely despite my misgivings!

Well Paul, I also have found lots of empty pots. In fact, I rather think I'll be back to buy some more plants next week. I've got most of mine planted today and have spotted some gaps. Well, not exactly what OH would call gaps, but certainly room for a few more little ones! As for the watering - oh well ...

25 May, 2016


Oh yes, Stera - it is so hard to resist, isn't it? I agree about the New Guinea hybrids (and actually, I had a couple of failures with them, too). For me, they lack the charm of the impatiens. I haven't got time to return to the nursery just now, but I have already made up my mind to go next week! (Strangely, your comment has only just appeared, although I was notified that there was an extra one)

25 May, 2016


I don't bother with Bizzy Lizzies or Begonias as we have a large and growing slug population courtesy of the wilderness next door. I do love Cosmos though and take extra special care they don't get eaten. It's still a risk.

I empathise with bringing home more than you intended. Everything is so tempting, isn't it?

26 May, 2016


Yes,fill every gap Melchi!! Your OH can water them !!!!!

27 May, 2016


Ha ha!

I haven't found either busies or begonias badly affected by slugs and snails, Arbuthnot, but I can't grow marigolds or lupins, amongst several others things. The snail population, in particular, is doing very well here!

27 May, 2016

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