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Thank you:-)


By okasia


Hi all:)
Thank you very much for your warm welcome – I’ve just discovered and joined you few days ago – and was nicely surprised about this website. And I keep wondering where were you hiding from me all that time:) I really enjoy being here and will be happy to share my knowlege (and my pictures as well) with you. I don’t have a garden at this moment only few houseplants, but I am taking a lot of pictures of plants and gardens – and will be happy to share with you my knowledge and ideas.
So once again – thank you:)

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So plezd u like it here & Id love to see some Pics of your Housplants Kasia as iv a Page i edit theyd go perfect on :)

26 Nov, 2009


Hi Okasia, welcome from me too. It was interesting to read your 'about me' and seeing that you are on a Course. One day we could see you on television in Gardeners World!!
I was wondering whether you have visited Kew gardens yet, a wonderful place to go and to learn. It must be awful for someone like yourself to be without a garden. Have you ever thought of finding out whether there are volunteers gardeners in your area - there are private gardens even in central London aren't there? Just an idea.

26 Nov, 2009


Welcome so please you like being with us all.

26 Nov, 2009


Hi Mad:) my Course is one of my dreams to come true - I have a horticulture background, I took some open learning courses while living in Canada many years ago and then working as a garden designer - but always lacking a confidence in what I was doing. Being now on the course not only gives me that confidence, but also having about 30 acres of gardens to explore is sort of helping me not to feel very sorry I live in a flat now. Well - I am very passionate about gardening, garden design, just love taking a lot of pictures - and learned that life is full of surprises - so one day.... you never know...maybe you will see me on tv... lol
and I was thinking about some volunteering - but I am very busy with my course and English is my second language so I really need a lot of time for what I am doing now... but thanks for your idea:)

26 Nov, 2009


welcome okasia, you should be very happy here. we all like sharing ideas on the site. dont worry about your english it seems fine to me. It is probably more grammatically correct than some of what some of us on write on here. :o)

we love house plants too.

26 Nov, 2009


Hi Kasia - and welcome from me, too! We'll be looking forward to seeing your photos and chatting to you about gardening. There are a lot of gardens for you to explore here on GOY!

26 Nov, 2009


Hello Kasia.....Welcome to our crazy GoY community. :o)

26 Nov, 2009


Hello again, Kasia, and pleased you are enjoying GoY :o)

26 Nov, 2009


Sorry, but I've only just found this Kasia. A very warm, if belated, welcome to Goy :~)

4 Dec, 2009


Hi Kasia,

Kasia is Katarina in Polish isnĀ“t it? I am glad you write to me. I had studied in Cracow (PhD studies in medicine) for one year in 2001. Now I am medical journalist.
Thank you for your recommendation concerning dry gardens. I will read it. May I have a question? What can happen to my "young" Cupressocyparis sempervirens from Italy - in the spring (during longstanding rains) they turned brown, then dried and lost majority of leaves and just now, after heats there appeared some isles of green on their tops. Is it fungal disease, or where they burnt by spring sun? They are situated solo, without any covering bushes around them, just in the middle of the garden (southeastern place). I would liek to have them nice and deep green like in Tuscany.
I am looking forward to your answer.


26 Jul, 2010

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