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Apologies - absent without leave - hope I am forgiven!


The garden has had to be put on hold and so this week I have been out when I was able. I was desperate to get some work done. I needed to put the Dahlias to bed for the winter and to clear out the greenhouse of the debris from tomatoes. Also thought I ought to have a good sweep up as the leaves have been falling thick and fast. Still lots to fall but it is so untidy without doing an interim sweep up.

I have had a few weeks of child-minding full time and supporting family with illness not to mention birthday cake making and decorating in readiness for Lottie’s 2nd birthday next week.

Missed lots of pictures and blogs while I have been absent but will try and catch up, although if it stays as mild as it is and as dry as it is I shall be working hard to try and catch up in the borders. The Autumn colours have been so good I thought I would leave it for a bit longer and until I have some spare time to start on the clear out.



Finished slapping on some buttercream icing and made muddy puddles for Peppa, George and friends to play in. Those of you with young children will know all about Peppa Pig and Clan. Lottie is besotted with them all.

Right that is enough babble from me, hope you are all well and enjoying at least a little autumn sunshine occasionally.

Hope that oak tree gives me at least a few days grace before it sheds its beautiful leaves all down onto my clean pathway. lol :O)

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There is still a lot of colour in your garden. The windy storm earlier in the week stripped all the Oak and Ash in the park of their leaves, blowing them onto my grass and into the pond. Such a warm wind yesterday, dry enough to mow the grass, including the leaves. Job done!

26 Nov, 2016


We didn't get the wind apart from one day last week. Lots of rain, in fact rained so hard that I had to have the wipers on full pelt last Monday afternoon, the roads were horrendous for driving in, lots of water stood like lakes on the roadsides, so dangerous for driving in. Dry since but the ground is soggy would not be able to cut grass here.

26 Nov, 2016


Crikey, you did work hard on the leaf clearing Barbara!

Love the birthday cake, it will definitely be popular with the children ... :o)

We had a really windy night, a few days after storm Angus, and the roof felt on the summer house had been ripped off. All ship-shape now though :o)

26 Nov, 2016


I had Lottie as nov. 25th in my little birthday book!'d better put me right. least I wasnt late!

26 Nov, 2016


29th Karen, lol. We are taking her to Pink Pig Farm for a treat as its on Tuesday and Sarah is at work. Hopefully it will stay fine.

Glad you are sorted Shirley, nasty weather we have had lately. Hope we do not get any more storms but think that might be wishful thinking.

26 Nov, 2016


Oh, ok...not too bad then! Only four days! On the right side!

26 Nov, 2016


Wondered where you had got to!! at least you have made a good start on the leaves, before the next lot lol
love the cake, I can remember when some of our grandchildren were in to Peppa Pig.........I am sure it will be well received.

26 Nov, 2016


thanks Dd I am sure she will love it. Leaves just starting to fall again. lol. ah well another sweep up day next week.

27 Nov, 2016


Multi tasking going on here and all of of it very successful! Your garden is looking fine so no need to overdo it! I bet the cakes went down well too!

27 Nov, 2016


Everyone loves the look of the cake but no one has tried it yet lol its for Tuesday tea time so hope it hasn't dried out before then. lol. Thanks for looking in Wildrose, good to be back. :O)

27 Nov, 2016


It all looks good, Barbara! I've been absent for months - apologies and reasons in my latest blog. The leaves are all over the place here. I got up as much as I could, (with help from my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter) because our last green bin collection was last week! Not sure what I'll do with the rest, but the two empty bins will be full to bursting by the time they are next emptied, in March. We had an unusually heavy frost here yesterday and the day before - it was very pretty, and not as cold as it looked because there was virtually no wind, again unusual. Yet today it's comparatively mild! Oh well, it makes life interesting!

27 Nov, 2016


Melchi we are very lucky here, We do not need green bin collectors here we pile ours into the wood to rot down and then we can use it for compost eventually. May take a couple of years though so we have to be patient. lol. Glad you have a little helper, do not think I would dare let Lottie loose on leaves she is a nightmare in muddy puddles she would never pick up any leaves but would have lots of fun throwing them all over the place. lol. She is going to be two on Tuesday so maybe next year I will dare to let her have a go. lol. They are so much fun though at this age. Grandad says she is a NIGHTMARE! but we all know he doesn't mean it. lol.

27 Nov, 2016


Ha ha! I sympathise about the muddy puddles! Lenora is not yet strong enough to turn the tap on the water butt, but loves me to fill her little watering can from it. Inevitably, the water is tipped out in a flash - and she much prefers to be taken through the side gate to have it filled from the butt in the front garden (of course). William, who is 4, and very dextrous, manages the tap with ease. He likes to leave it running and watch it flow across the path into the drain...? All good clean fun, though. Well, comparatively clean...

28 Nov, 2016


Ah love it Melchi. We had a fab day at Pink Pig Farm it was brilliant animals and fun/play barn and a café, Lottie was worn out by the time we left for home and fell fast asleep before we had done two miles on our homeward journey. lol. When she saw the cake she was very happy and knew exactly what it was all about, she got very excited.

30 Nov, 2016


Glad you found time to pop in and show us your autumnal garden - but I don`t envy you having to deal with all those leaves - however, there`s plenty of leaf mulch to be made and as you say you just throw it in the wood and wait. Bet you enjoyed the day out as much as Lottie and I can just imagine the deligh on her little face when she saw that cake.

1 Dec, 2016

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