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Remember to keep an eye on the allotment and garden, pests are now getting ready for winter, Moles are on the move looking for worms, up to 200 worms a day for a healthy Mole, if the mole hills are in a straight line it is most probably a male. I could go on but I wont, unless you want me too, I can talk forever on pests and when I am asked to give talks to garden clubs etc they have to drag me off !!

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Fire away I'm all ears, I'm keen to learn how to get rid of them but with animal pests I'd like to know how to do it without killing them.....if pos.

27 Sep, 2010


Wellcome to GOY Oz, this sounds good. Theres loads of people waiting to hear about pest control here.

27 Sep, 2010


Over 20 plus years I have been pest controlling I have heard dozens of possible ways to keep moles out, by all means try them BUT I have never had continued success with any of them, they seemed to work for a day or two then normal service was resumed.
Just a couple for now before I go out controlling Rats on my service contracts.
Some one once said Moles will not cross crushed egg shells, I tried this, I put some in a runs at various places, hey presto, the Mole turned round and went round it !! if you imagine they dig/work on all soil types I dont think egg shells will do owt, next one was the bottle in a run, this created a noise that they did not like, I had a garden that looked like a dairy with wind blowing across the neck of the bottles it sounded lovely(ish) but old mouldy did not take any notice.
Next one will be how to get rid humanly.

28 Sep, 2010


Welcome to GoY :o)

29 Sep, 2010


Been out Rabbit fencing all day, wet and cold in the Yorkshire Dales, Rats and Moles on Thursday, then again I might win the lotto !!
Using gas to kill Moles, I find it the only way to do it commercially and make money, I use Aluminium Phosphide tablets, I am told the mole just goes to sleep.
Please dont get upset, mole hills in silage can kill cattle this is just one reason to control pests.

29 Sep, 2010


The rain in the Dales is non stop today, half a day outside is plenty I reckon, will have to do some month end invoices then, best bit getting brass in !
Just got a call to remove some Squirrels from a garden, will be an easy job with the modern traps, in the old days we had to make our own traps now a little man somewhere abroad does it for us.
Have agood weekend all
Owen W

1 Oct, 2010


What a day, trapping moles, its been cold and wet in The Yorkshire Dales, lovely view of Malham cove all day
I dont bother burying the traps before use, I use them from new, having said that I tend to store them outside but I think they may as well be used from new, remember to keep the run as clean as possible when trapping, this tends to reduce the possibility of the Mole filling the trap with soil.
I use and sell scissor traps, I find these the best.
For all your traps.

9 Nov, 2010


Writing an article today, all about Rats, now is the time to keep an eye open for Rats, if you feed birds, which we all do, you are inviting Roland to visit your garden, I also keep a few Hens and Ducks so I have to be very watchfull, and I do it for a living, killing Rats that is !
Theres lots of GOOD humane traps available, either live catch or kill traps, the days when animals suffer in traps is long gone, all traps now have to be approved.
If anyone needs advice either e mail me or look on my web site

18 Nov, 2010

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