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Gardening buying guides

All our buying guides point out the things you should know and consider before buying. Each guide will recommend online retailers and products where appropriate but also provide valuable information even if you are visiting a local garden centre to pick up your plants yourself.

Growing Stock

Perennials flower each year before dying back to ground level in the autumn.

You can buy plants online in various stages of growth from small plug plants through to large already grown plants.

Seeds can be bought online cheaply but as with all seeds finding a quality supplier is key.

Shrubs bought online can vary in size so look out for very small plants.

Spring bulbs are planted in the autumn and flower in the spring.

Looking to buy trees for your garden? Yes, you can buy trees online!

Lawn care

Our guide to buying lawn feed describes the products available and helps you choose the right product for your needs.

A complete lawn care program should include both aeration and scarification. Also sold as combined aerator/scarifiers we have guides to buying aerators and scarifiers.

Garden Buildings & Plant Protection

Both mini greenhouses and the more traditional cold frame are great, low cost ways to protect plants from frost and cold - and save space!

To protect plants in the garden you might also consider buying a cloche. They protect plants from frost and can make a very attractive addition to a garden.


Raised bed kits are a practical way to improve your vegetable harvest with improved soil and better drainage.

Need a gardening gift for a green-fingered friend? Go with the easy option of garden vouchers or one of our more exotic suggestions.

Solar water features are great for gardens without a convenient plug point but there are a few gotchas to take note of.


Read up on the various types of lawn mowers available and then read our more detailed guides below.

Electric lawn mowers are the most popular mowers in the UK. Find out if they are right for you.

Petrol lawn mowers can give you that professional finish but decide if you can justify the cost and the maintenance.

Ride on mowers and lawn tractors will make cutting a larger lawn a pleasure.


Use a log fire or chop lots of wood? Read our guides on log splitters and chainsaws.

Cultivators make short work of preparing your soil.

Get your hedges in shape with battery, electric or petrol Hedge trimmers.

Cut down on your trips to the tip with a Garden shredder.

A pressure washer will make short work of cleaning your yard, drive and patio!

Garden sprinklers will help keep your garden and lawn lush and green.