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Welcome to the help page - we hope that you will find the answers to all your Grows on You queries here.

Click on a topic below and we'll scoot down the page to that section. You can refer to this page any time or print it out to keep next to the computer.

General Tips

This is a selection of general tips we think might help - if we are missing any then send us some feedback and we might add them.

  • Blog to let everyone know how you are getting on or to give some tips
  • Always ask your question - someone else might be sitting at home thinking about the same thing but not have the courage!
  • Add things to your garden plot - it can be a pot plant, what is on your balcony or in your garden.
  • Once you have logged on you can tell your friends and share ideas just click on the button below the login
  • Add your local gardening group to the site

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About My Account

Your personal page or plot is filled with all your comings and goings on Grows on You. Your photos, comments, questions and blogs are all documented here. This is also where you will find the 'my garden' facility.

How does 'Remember me' work?

Check the 'remember me' box and the site will remember your sign in details for 30 days. We do this by saving something called a cookie on your computer. It stays for 30 days and then you will need to sign in again.

How do I change my password?

In 'my account' click 'update profile' next to your name. This will take you to a page where you can add or delete information about yourself, add a picture and change your password

How do I send a private message?

To send a private message to another member, go to their plot by clicking on their picture anywhere on the site. Next to their name there is a link 'leave a private comment'. Click here and type away!

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About Photos

We would love to see your photos and there are lots of opportunities to add them to the website. They can be of anything to do with gardens, plants and horticulture in general.

How do I browse photos?

On the Home page click on the 'Share Photos' link or on the Members page just click 'more' after the latest photos.

How do I add my photos?

You can add your photos from 'my account'. Click on the photos tab and choose 'Add Photo'. You can add photos one at a time or in multiples of three. Fill in as much information as you like and click 'submit'. There are other opportunities to add photos around the site but the process is the same.

What are tags?

Tags are a way of adding extra information to your picture. So you might want to add creeper and spring to a spring flowering clematis.

Why use tags?

They allow people to look for photos by theme, rather than by plant name. So you could search for photos of spring and all images with this tag will appear.

How do I see all the photos taken by a particular member?

First click on their member icon to see their plot - from there you can browse through all of their photos as well as look at their garden entries and blogs.

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About Blogs

The word 'Blog' comes from web log, it's an interactive journal and is a means of adding your bit to the site. You can share your thoughts by writing a blog entry; it might be about a topic you are interested in, it might be about your garden or something that happened to you - it can be anything!

I don't have much to say

Whether you have a pot plant or an estate, there is always something to say. You can tell us about your garden, use it like a journal, tell us about enjoying your herbs for supper or just keep us up to date with what's flowering or fruiting.

How do I add pictures to a blog?

You can add photos in your account to your blog entry by clicking the 'Choose a photo' button and selecting a picture to add.

How do I change the text into italics or bold?

To change the text to bold, put an asterisk (*) on either side of it. E.g. *make this text bold*

To change the text to italics, put an underscore (_) on either side of it. E.g. _make this text italic_

Why should I write a blog?

It is a great way of sharing your gardening experience with other members and making a better place to be.

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About Questions and Comments

The Questions page is where you can ask a question, ask for some advice or help someone else out.

Can I ask any question - it's a bit basic/ advanced?

There are no rules for asking questions. The more questions the better so start from the beginning and ask away!

What if no-one answers?

It might just be too tough or you might need to add a picture to the question. Hold on though, there is usually someone out there that will know the answer!

I am not an expert can I really answer a question?

Of course you can! Grows on You tries to gather real experiences from real gardeners so expert or not you can help.

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About My Garden

Whether you have a tiny selection of plants or a huge garden, the 'my garden' feature will help you out. Use this area to make a record of names and particulars like when it flowers or fruits.

How do I add a plant?

In 'my garden' click on 'add a plant' or 'add another plant'. Give the plant a name - common name or botanical. Add information if you like such as location, date planted, use etc. If you only know the approximate botanical name, start typing in the last box and we will try to fill in the rest!

Why do you use a botanical name?

Common names are quite easy to get mixed up, for example 'Bluebell' is used for a number of different plants depending on where you are from. You can still search for common names and we will try to add any we are missing as we grow - send us feedback or leave a comment if one is missing

Why doesn't a plant in 'my garden' link to the plant pages?

This might be due to a couple of things. The plant might not be in the database - tell us and we will try and add it. Also, the species name might not be an exact match with our list of plants. Please check the spelling and try it again, if you still have problems let us know.

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About Plants

We know that we will never have a comprehensive list of all plants but we would like to create a useful resource for gardeners. This section will get better with time and input from members! We will put the basics in - we hope you will fill in the rest.

How do I find a plant?

You can use the search window at the top of the site and enter the name of a plant. If we have anything that matches - photos, blogs, questions or information - it will be shown on a result screen.

How do I add information?

On each plant page there is an option to add comments. Add anything you know about the plant including care, soil, uses, position, habit and so on.

What if I think something is wrong?

If you think we have added some incorrect information, let us know using the feedback option at the bottom of the site.

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About Visits

The visits page is where you can tell people about gardens you have been to, put up photos, comment on the garden as well as find somewhere new to visit.

I want to look for a garden to visit in the north

On the visits page you can click on 'Find open gardens' which will take you to a page with a map of the world. You can click on the + sign to zoom in on an area - then click on a marker and find out what there is to see.

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Contact Us

If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and we will try our best to answer your questions as soon as we can.

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Feedback/ Tell us what you think

Whether it's good or bad, we want to know what you think of Grows on You. If you have a suggestion this is the place to tell us too.

We can't guarantee that we'll do everything you ask, but everything helps us to improve so send us feedback whenever you want.

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