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I became interested in gardening around 4 years ago and I particularly love foliage. My back garden is quite small but since I have started with a completely empty space(just a lawn) it's plenty big enough for me to try and make it pretty. My front garden is a quite a good size and I have created a wild garden area in the corner of my hedge and it attracts quite a few birds. Photos coming soon.
My favourite plant has got to be the japanese maple, especially the ones which keep changing colour through the seasons. Sadly I only have a small area in my back garden suitable for maples (sheltered). I love watching Titchmarsh's Love Your Garden and since finding this site it's been great to look up ideas on almost anything whenever I want. Some of the gardens on here are stunning! I hope to add more photos soon.

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  • Back garden view
  • Garnet maple

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