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So…. you know about my poor drowned pepper seedlings, and my poor unprotected dwarf beans that disappeared… and my poor tree that didn’t appreciate its relocation… and the latest is my bamboo… but at least this time it’s intentional. After reading advice here and from experiencing it coming through the fence and up in the lawn, I decided it was more trouble than it’s worth and took the plunge… bought something called Resolva that you spray on the leaves and it goes down to the roots and kills the whole plant off but only kills what you spray it on, so I covered the plants around it to protect them and got on with the dark dreadful deed. Have been watching it die…. well waiting to see what happens is more like it because I think due to the size of the thing it might take a while and maybe another application.

I sprayed the buddleia that is growing out of my bathroom wall too and that is definitely gone. It visibly sickened within a few hours. The bamboo didn’t look anywhere near as obviously sick.

I hate killing plants, but….. (and I need to live in my building more than a weedy buddleia)

I was all set to write this blog and read my news first and saw on the forest blog about weedkillers and then looked on the information about Resolva and – oops! But I don’t know what else I could have done. At least I’m not killing off every weed in sight with it, and fussing about things in the lawn that aren’t grass. So… anyway I didn’t know about that stuff until after I’d already used it. Hopefully I’m not guilty of secondary-murder-in-the-future from using it.

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Don't fret - sometimes there really seems to be no alternative. I used a similar spray on blackthorn suckers that were coming up through the middle of a hebe, and will have to do it to kill a sycamore seedling that managed to establish itself very close under an azalea - impossible to dig out without killing the shrub as well. And you are not growing food on the same spot after all.

3 Sep, 2017


I hope it works on your Bamboo I ve seen it take over a whole garden .

3 Sep, 2017


I've never heard of Resolva so I don't know what's wrong with it. However, you had to do something to get rid of the bamboo. They can be very invasive and difficult to get rid of.

3 Sep, 2017


I still haven't got rid of it. I'm hoping that stuff is killing the roots off but it's sure taking time to show on the leaves!

8 Sep, 2017

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