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Hi, it's been ages!


Busy busy busy winter blah blah and now the latest is I can’t get lovely photos from last week off my phone, but I wanted to just get in touch again anyway.

Not much garden stuff happening but should be coming up – some flowering beginning, some is weeds I think but they’re so pretty and not in the way so I’m keeping them for now.

My fence collapsed in the storms several weeks back, but I had that bit replaced and it’s all better than what I inherited from previous owner.

Sprayed horrible weeds that had regrown in veg patch to be, so should be digging that over next week hopefully once the killer has gone right down to the roots. They’re dying off nicely so that’s good.

Pulled up a ton of sycamore seedlings again today while I was enjoying the sunshine out there.

I have different veg to get started this year from last year. The purple topped kale seedlings are doing nicely indoors in a tray at the moment but my pink speckled white dwarf French beans have not shown a sign of sprouting yet although I planted both at the same time.

I also have rainbow chard and mange tout seeds to plant, and who knows if the lettuces that I didn’t get around to last year are still any good but why not try them anyway eh.

I did a lot of pruning couple of months back and everything seems to be doing better than last year when it wasn’t done. Had only just moved in back then and was ill right up until early summer. Have been in better health this year, kinda – well at least haven’t had flu :D

I don’t know how well I can keep up here. Last year I had to give up trying to read everything and just be happy with as and when but I don’t know when or how often that can be as my life got even busier and I need so much rest too.

I started going to an art group, plus I have taken on several other things at church. Never thought my life would be so busy again, busiest I have been for years. It’s good so long as it’s sustainable.

I had my DWP work capability assessment result a few days ago and they’ve kept me on the same disability group I was already in.

My fish are doing great. Haven’t got all the original bunch, just Beth of those, but I have one of Jo’s daughters and she will be a mum too, can see baby eyes in her already, and I have several others that have been born here, as well as having rehomed a few via a local shop and I have 31 weeny babies atm in the original aquarium that has become the nursery one as I upgraded to a bigger one so I could keep a few more. So those are fun but can be time consuming depending what they are all up to.

So anyway. I will have to take a look around and see who I can remember and catch up with a bit, but I hope you all didn’t get too gloomy over winter, had a good holiday period, and wish you all a happy spring/summer. xxxx

Sorry for no photos atm but like I said, tech difficulties. Hopefully soon!

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Technology is great when it works, isn't it! Guess we would feel lost without it these days. I once started listing everything that needed electricity and the list was a very long one.

Life seems to be very busy for you these days, Pamela. That's good but don't forget to take some time off now and again. Good also to hear your health is better.

6 May, 2018


Hi took me ages to remember how to upload my photos

looking forward to see how you are getting on


7 May, 2018


Thank you Eirlys, nice to hear from you :)

Yeah I am trying to watch how much I am doing - trouble with me is I just enjoy doing so much, but not the suffering bit that can happen.

I have not been able to keep up with my specific physio = 3 lots of exercises twice daily each, no way! I would never get to do anything else! But I started trying to swim weekly. It's not working out quite weekly but generally at least twice a month and I feel good doing it. Have done between 10-16 lengths each time but 16 was too much so not more than 12 since then. I have to do relaxation afterwards and keep warm or I hurt too much for too long.

I started really enjoying knitting for the first time. I actually managed to finish a project, just a hat but so pleased and I have made several for the folks at a carehome nearby to me, as well as a couple for myself and family and friends. Once I figure out what to do I can relax with it with some music on, although I can't see well after a while. I think because the hats are relatively quick to do, they are much more achievable, but I got (here the pc shut down unexpectedly so just continuing next day!) ambitious and began trying to knit myself a waistcoat, but I did the pattern wrong so need to figure that out.

Anyway for now I am about to read on here a little then go back to bed as I got up this morning and struggled to stay awake through a dvd as my player was actually working well so wanted to make the most of it as it has been misbehaving recently and making it difficult to watch. I am just having a quick sandwich as otherwise I will be too hungry to rest well.

7 May, 2018


Thank you GG as well :)

7 May, 2018


Nice to see you again :) I'm glad to know you're keeping busy.
Never mind if you can't keep up with it all. I am the same. It doesn't matter, just look at what you can when you can.

I hope you enjoy your art group. It's very relaxing to do a drawing/painting.

7 May, 2018


Thank you Hywel, and yes I love the art group and am actually producing some decent pieces that I never thought I could do nearly so well as they are coming out. Will be exhibiting a few in the near future, 2 or 3 in an exhibition by the tutor showing his students work and another I have been asked to show one that will be sold if anyone will actually pay for it!!!! and the proceeds go to the charity MIND.

7 May, 2018


well I don't know how to download photos of my phone as I use my digital camera all the time. after 4 yrs of using a cable I have just found out I can put the memory card directly into a socket on my laptop.

I find beans take quite a long time to germinate so patience is needed :o)

8 May, 2018


Hi Seaburngirl :) The photos on my phone are because I didn't think I would be taking any so I didn't take my camera... and then the pc couldn't detect them, so I am trying roundabout ways... I took some more yesterday though on the camera, just need to do something with them then I can put them up here :) And I had a bit of a spree in a couple of gardening departments yesterday when I was shopping for other stuff, just found it irresistable, so I should be posting about those too soon I hope.

Today though I am super tired after setting alarm to call doc as I have redness/swelling, I think to do with hip that has been sore for a while, so I now have an appointment for in a couple of hours time, and tonight I am singing with a choir at a local event. So not sure that it will be today.

9 May, 2018


Nice to be able to help a charity :)

11 May, 2018


It really is - gives me a good reason to do something that I enjoy. I don't have spare money to give anywhere so this way I can still contribute :)

13 May, 2018

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