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Sorry, no photos again but just updating on this year’s gardening so far….

It’s been an exciting weekend, although a disappointment yesterday discovering that my improvised composters did not work, so had to bag that up and bin it. I got up the weeds from the veg patch but discovered the naughty bamboo that I killed off from the other end of the garden is now sprouting there! Uh oh….

I can’t mow the lawn at present as there is scaffolding up from building improvements and it blocks access to where I need the cable to go, but oh well what can I do bar take a pair of scissors out there lol not happening.

A friend gave me some nerines after her flowers died off and she split them as she had loads, so today I took them out of the pot I had started them in and they are in the borders, they should look lovely once they flower and are in fact one of my favouritely shaped flowers.

I had a little spree about a week ago as tends to happen if you shop for any one thing you come home with twenty… well at least, I do… with the gardening departments looking so tempting at the moment I had given in, so today I got a hollyhock in, just the one but it should look magnificent in time, it’s a creamy yellow one that I am not willing to go and find the label for right now as I am all ready for bed. It will add some height that my garden needs.

I also put in a few lupins, some gladioli and some red hot pokers, and a couple of new flowering shrubs. One is evergreen and will have white flowers with yellow middles, and the other I have totally forgotten even the flower colour at the moment.

I took out some stuff that although it’s pretty when it has the new spring growth, it spreads like mad. I was just going to move it, but there was so much root spreading through the ground and into the lawn so I am not putting it back, will just get rid of it instead, although I expect there will be bits grow back that I will have to keep on top of. It’s the fern-like stuff with the pinky tinge that is on my garden photos that I don’t know the name of.

I still have the veg to finish starting and plant out, and I bought loads of freesia bulbs but haven’t planted them yet.

When I was looking at someone’s blog here and saw their wonderful tiered rack with pots on, that made me think that would be super to put my freesias on, too, in pots, but I don’t have the rack lol but I think they’ll be nice in troughs/pots on something. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for one of those racks though or maybe hint to my family and hope they will treat me for my birthday in the summer.

The bush with the white flower clusters is doing much better this year and the flowers are just beginning to open. Last year the garden was new to me after moving here and it had been neglected but I gave it a good haircut earlier this year and it has paid off as it has about 20+ clusters instead of last year’s pathetic 3ish that made me decide that if that was it then it wasn’t worth keeping.

Hopefully I’ll post some photos soon. I have plenty but not done any resizing/saving etc yet, been really busy and next couple of days have medical appointments so we’ll see what other time I get.

But I wanted to post an update anyway.

Will be reading a bit here for at least the next few minutes. I have the radio on and just winding down for the night.

Hope you all keeping well and happy and enjoying the outdoors. I loved it today getting the planting done that I did, even though the garden was wet and I got my trousers soaked and muddy and muck stuck under my fingernails and the trainers need to go in the machine, but I just really enjoy getting close to nature and helping it along a bit with growing new things.

eta the honeysuckle has benefitted from the move and getting a little trim too, as last year when I discovered it neglected in a pot with no support then it only had 2 flowers but I saw it is now covered in loads of buds so should be wonderful and is another of my favourites :)

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Shame about the compost bags and bamboo. but your new planting sounds exciting especially with your new plant buys and gift of the Nirene lily they are beauties seems you have your hands full for future planting shame no one has a cordless Strummer to lend you. to get your lawn cut let's hope your family buy some of those racks. for potting up those freesias. On you tube it shows how to make racks for. pots out of the wooden pallets which look great. I shall look forward to seeing your photos.

13 May, 2018


Sounds like you have been busy. I know what you mean about it being hard to just buy the one thing when it comes to plants. Look forward to seeing your photos ?

14 May, 2018


You're doing well with your garden work, Pamela. It will be nice to see your photos, but, yes, it takes time to sort them, and save them, and the weather tempts us outside to do lots of outdoor tasks.

14 May, 2018


well you have been busy. your update shows lots of promise of flowers and veg to come. I will look forward to seeing photos :o)

14 May, 2018


I hope you can find a stand for your fresias. I love the scent of them.
Nice to be busy in the garden :)

16 May, 2018


Update: yes found a 3 tiered set of pots for the freesias and they are growing well (the single ones but no sign of the doubles coming up yet)

The scaffolding has gone from the back now and the lawn has had 2 cuts.

I have more photos and that got me here tonight before I head out but then I got distracted trying to catch up on old stuff before I start on more new... :D

19 Jun, 2018

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