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New orchid now flowering


Hi all, very very long time no see I know, life is so so busy and I didn’t get much time last summer even though I took several photos just didn’t get around to sharing, then there has not been much garden-y stuff happening so far this year.

But I bought an orchid plant several months ago and so excited as last week the first bud opened then today the 4th one so it is now at its best and I got some nice photos and really wanted to show it off here. Hope you all enjoy :)

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Hi Pamelaanne life is just so fast these days isn't it? its a beautiful orchid what a lovely colour too. Do you know which species it is?

8 Feb, 2019


Wow, that is really stunning - beautiful markings. Seeing it reminded me that it's the orchid festival at Kew Gardens soon so perhaps I'll go.

8 Feb, 2019


I have no idea what variety it is, sorry Seaburngirl, just something I picked up at a local charity shop so no label.

Ginellie, I hope if you go you'll have a fabulous time.

8 Feb, 2019


Its a very dramatic one- enjoy!

8 Feb, 2019


Thank you Steragram :)

9 Feb, 2019


Update - I just found this info from when I bought it, on an old blog of mine here:-

Quoted from 15th Nov 2017

"...Morrison’s today ....

Also was a half price orchid – the instructions are different to the one I already had which requires a morning soak for an hour each month – this one just requires watering like any ordinary plant so will be easier to care for. As far as I can tell, it was only reduced because the flower had died off (just like my other one was and it’s been beautiful since). The information also tells me that when it’s flowering, it’s scented. I love nice scents so I will enjoy that when it does, as well as it will be a lovely surprise to see what colour it will be. The label tells me the name is Cambria.

The soil was dry as sawdust but have watered it in now and gave it a welcoming pep talk like I do all my plants. (does anyone else here talk to their plants?) The leaves look really nice and healthy so I hope it will be happy. I know my lounge temperature is perfect for it, according to the label so that is nice to know too :)

Its leaves are upright, unlike my other orchid which they go sideways at the bottom of the pot. So they are quite different from each other."

I don't know where the label has gone now though.... otherwise I would have known the type etc before finding the old blog!

9 Feb, 2019


Beautiful orchid!

You talk to your plants? I talk to the trees. (That's why they put me away!!) :O)

9 Feb, 2019


Yes I talk to them occasionally. Sometimes "Come on now, make an effort" , or "Oh that's beautiful", occasionally "Oh sorry!" and on one memorable day "If you don't flower next time you're for the compost" - and it worked -its flowered well ever since!

Eirlys - that took me right back - was it Neddy Seagoon?

10 Feb, 2019

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