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little dove


I have a little story, with a happy ending, a little collard dove flew into my conservatory, I placed a t towel over it and picked it up, put it on my garden table, ma and pa paid a visit and fed it, it couldnt feed alone.

I put it in the garage at night, when I picked it up at first it used to try and get away, now if I tickle his tum he jumps on my finger.

Today I put him out and with in 3 mins it flew off, but this afternoon, has come back, sitting on my car, so I stuck out my finger and he flew on and went on the table waiting for ma and pa, I have now lifted him onto my pergola, again on my finger where he jumped off.

My dogs are doing meer cat impressions, I am surrounded by pussy cats, so I just cannot leave him out yet. am I doing right or should I leave him now. at least he can feed now. thanks

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We've have tame C' Doves for a few years now but there are no cats here and our dog is very friendly with them. With all those cats it would only be a matter of time....Collard Doves are a wonderful bird so friendly and trusting, you would feel awful if something happened owing to your making them so welcome. Maybe if you fed them but kept your distance so as not to tame them too much.

10 Jul, 2010


Yes I agree with Heron ... maybe now's the time to let nature take over & take a step back? You've done wonders with the little one but cats will be cats I'm afraid.

10 Jul, 2010


Question, would it be wise to take it out to a very rural spot and release it, or am I being silly.

10 Jul, 2010


No you're not being 'silly' and I see no harm in the idea but unless it finds a 'mate' out there it will probably be home before you.

11 Jul, 2010


Oh, thanks Heron, thats a great help, I left it out last night, and thank goodness its still in the same spot. Phew. lol

11 Jul, 2010


I am giving it flying lessons now, ie from me to the garden table several times.!!

12 Jul, 2010

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