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geranium perfect storm


can anybody help with this, bought perfect storm in the spring, but it only flowered a little loads of growth, but little flower. thankyou. I have just been repair my poor dahlias, the wind and rain knocked them all over Grr….

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Hi, did you enrich the soil before planting it? If yes then that will be the reason for all the leafy growth. Once it has settled down it will be 'happier' and flower better.

28 Aug, 2010


That makes sense but what's Perfect storm?

28 Aug, 2010


i think it is the cultivar. well that is what i supposed :o)

28 Aug, 2010


Odd name, must look it up.

28 Aug, 2010


I had that problem with Geranium 'Summer sky' this year, all looked fine but then the flowers were tiny or didn't open. I have re-potted it for now as it also became covered in mildew. The new growth is looking healthy after cutting it right down so I will replant soon. This is the first time I've had any bother with a Geranium :-)))

28 Aug, 2010


Mine did the same, Anne. I was very disappointed with it. I don't know Patricia's plant - I'll have to look it up!


It looks like a lovely one, Patricia - I hope it performs better next year.

29 Aug, 2010


It does look lovely, a darker version of 'Storm Chaser'

31 Aug, 2010

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