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I decided yesterday to take some pictures on my phone, and post you pictures of my gorgeous dahlias, particularly Kelvin Floodlight and Park Princess. BUT I got up this morning, and someone has cut them all and taken them. One just likes giving up. My teddy bear, had chewing gum all over him, and in the spring my beautiful Iris, was stolen. shall I put up a pretend camera, cant afford a real one. its not as if I live in a bad area. Oh well, next year, I will sleep out there lol

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The incident with your Teddy Bear suggests that it's not a budding entrepreneur flogging them at a boot sale. CCTV is expensive but a simple PIR wired up to either a recording of a shotgun going off or an Alsatian may work!! Or perhaps wired to an internal buzzer to alert you of intruders.

23 Oct, 2010


AAWWW! that is so infuriating ! Some people (?) just can't see anything lovely but have to spoil it. :((

23 Oct, 2010


o wot a shame arg hope you catch the beggar's !!!!!!!!!!! sum always spoil it 4 others.......... no respect

23 Oct, 2010


Hi PC, just been to your home page & found your teddy pic.. some people cant leave anything can they ? do you have a fence around the garden and have your neighbours had anything similar happening in their gardens ? ..

23 Oct, 2010


Oh dear that is a shame Patricia, makes one really angry to hear of things like that going on......

23 Oct, 2010


so sorry pat, are you an open garden, im so glad we dont have this, some people, make me so angry, yes maybe a fake camera would do the trick, they dont know its fake do they, and an electric trip wire lol watch then frazzle

24 Oct, 2010


We live on a small estate only 40 houses, the side of my house is by the no thro road, I have a 6 ft wall around my garden, but the side of my house has a piece of ground about 19 ft by ten, which I planted up as my new cottage garden, this bit has only a picket fence, which the buggers can lean over. I planted some wonderful chrysanths, at the mo they are still there!! did you see Kelvin floodlight, on my home page, isnt he lovely. thanks for your comments tho. x

24 Oct, 2010


I know how you feel someone stole one of my pots which looked a picture in the front garden earlier in the summer we have put up a fake camera now :(

25 Oct, 2010


Patricia, have you got room for a floodlit tower and an Uzi submachine gun ? I'll be happy to put in a few shifts if you offer to feed me !!! Don't let the B******'s grind you down mate. :-(

3 Nov, 2010

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