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absent me!!


since winning my garden thingy, I have been absent, sorry but dog number 2 has been poorly, I thought he had a cold in his eye, it was a little squinty. so took him to see the vet, and he has a torn cornea, and it has now ulcerated. they are treating it with his own blood, ugh.. they took some blood and spun it, and now I have to put it in his eye. he has been soooo poorly. but I will be back next week, just been look at all your loverly pics. take care friends!!!!

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Oh that sounds nasty, hope all goes well with the treatment, our pets are so hard sometimes when having to give medication, fingers xx there is no lasting damage....

13 Jul, 2011


That sound awful, poor dog hope he gets over it soon.

13 Jul, 2011


Poor thing, hope he soon recovers. How did it happen?

13 Jul, 2011


Hope the dog gets better very soon - all my best :))))))))))

13 Jul, 2011


I hope he'll be better soon. It must be frightening for him. We can't explain to them can we.

13 Jul, 2011


Best wishes from me too. :-)

13 Jul, 2011


sheilar, leo is a timid little thing, until he gets a whiff of bunnies, then he is off like a mad thing and nothing stands in his way, even thicket, the vet said he was poked in the eye with some sort of twig, that figures. the other one on the other hand is a poncy dog, if he gets a leaf on him he lays on the ground until I pull it off. I will update you as soon as I can, went to the nursery this morning and spent some more banks money he he, got a bare patch lol thanks all.

14 Jul, 2011


Lots of love to Leo, from me and my 4 legged friends. x

15 Jul, 2011


thank you lulu, leo is in himself quite a bit better, I am hoping the visit to see Keanu alias the vet, cos he looks like Keanu Reeves, which makes the visit a little more bearable lol proves to be positive, and the blood serum and antibiotics have worked. been watering today, feel guilty cos just been watching the box, and where it hasnt rained for 3 years, now just going to switch off the hose!! still think its going to rain tomorrow, happy gardening and weekend. X

15 Jul, 2011


Think we got rain planned for this w/end!
We have one dog who has just had pyometra, we are waiting for the right time to have her speyed. Really she is lucky to be alive. And her sister has just had a split toenail, which was nearly a Gen. A. but they managed to pull the split bit off and it's all bandaged up. Oh Dear! doggies health can be very upsetting.

15 Jul, 2011


Hi lulu I have just googled Pyometra, very serious, hadnt heard of it before, I hope she is on the mend now. My other dog has been very ill as well, you may have read it, he had blood coming from bot. down the vet - said it could be abscess or cancer, non of those, turned out he was producing too much testosterone, it was enlargeing his prostrate which was pressing on his rectum, which in turn caused bleeding, so he was castrated, but then they found he had an umbilical hernia, so he was very poorly, but he also suffers with colitis, and if he has a bout of that he bleeds, nightmare isnt it and very expensive even tho they are insured. I just hate them being ill, it affects me so much. love to you and woofs. x

16 Jul, 2011


It's just so sad when they are poorly.
Just waiting to spey jazz in a couple of weeks. Prus pawnail is very saw but took the bandage off today as it was worrying her. It's still very raw and she is licking at it. I hope it's ok?
Your poor pooch, what a lot to be having to deal with.
Prudence sends licks (at the moment!)

16 Jul, 2011


thanks lulu will let you know how we get on on Monday at the vets. Good luck with your babies, please let me know how you get on, when Jazz is speyed. wont you. big hugs from us all. x x

16 Jul, 2011


Lulu33 just read about your poor bitch. I have owned & bred Goldens for over 30 years, and have encountered Pyometra twice. The first time we almost lost our very first girl, she kept having phantom pregnancies it was really sad to see her so forlorn and no babies. Amber would steal teddies & dollies from anywhere even the neighbours children's toys. After a 3rd phantom pregnancy she became very hot, panting and listless with a smelly discharge.

After several visit to the vets, two courses of anitbiotics and a very hefty bill (I didn't have any insurance in those days) she recovered but had to be spayed another hefty bill. Amber lived to be 16yrs old and is still missed and thought about today, so much so my eldest son is calling his first daughter Amber. Due in one weeks time.

The second encounter with pyometra was after my top show bitch had had her litter. She became quite ill and only because I recognised the smell, did we manage to save her. Thankfully, I had another bitch with puppies at the same time and she bless her raised her own four puppies and Jazzies 11 (10 boys and 1 girl) until she was able to look after some of them herself. Jazzie had a ceaserion operation and never fully took to motherhood.

I now have a top class boy, bred in the purple from English and European bloodlines, ( he came to us as a show and stud dog) but his testicles have not descended and so as not to risk them turning cancerous he will have to have a risky operation as his bits may well be up in his abdomen region.

We could have returned him to his breeder, but the sun had already risen in our hearts and so Sol (sun in spanish) stayed. Once again my bank balance will take a hefty battering. But who cares he brings so much pleasure to my life, I cannot imagine life without my yellow bear (that's what the local children call him). And I can go to bed at night knowing that he is there to bark if anything untowards is happening outside.

Patricia::how is your little guys, much better I hope. But being terriers I'm not surprised they get the urge to chase our furry little friends.

My goldie bitch Raffles, so called because my OH said she looked as if I had won her in a raffle, got a stick impaled in her throat whilst I was out walking with a friend. We pulled the stick out of her throat so that she could breath. Raffi seemed OK until we got home and then she went into shock. Covering her with a blanket and a hot water bottle I sped across the countryside to my vet. On the way I was stopped by a traffic cop for going through the lights on red, when he saw my poor dog he put on his sirens and escorted us to the vets

I was advised to keep my eye on her, later in the evening she was having problems breathing. Her neck was very swollen, another dash to the vets. Her throat had become infected and had swollen barely giving her room to inhale air. After many days of squeezing the hole in her neck, where the vet had had to make an incision, to allow the puss out she finally began to bleed clear blood and we were out of the woods.

Raffi never could eat hard unchopped food after that incident. She did live until 10 when she died of lymphatic cancer.

A stroll in the park or a walk in the woods which would you choose. Both it's just as dangerous crossing the road.

Our pets are like our gardens, without the love and attention they will not thrive and become beautiful plants.

Big Woof and slobbers from Sol to all his poorly friends. He is now recovered from his wasp sting.

18 Jul, 2011


Oh Grannyb, you almost had me in tears. We lost our border collie, Trigger, in 2006 and I still miss him. We decided not to get another dog as we were so upset (he was 17 and we got him aged approx 10 months from the rescue place). Instead we 'dog sit' our daughter's greyhound, which she got from the greyhound rescue place.

18 Jul, 2011


Bless our 4 legged, most dearest friends. x

19 Jul, 2011


Oh GrannyB what a blog, had me in tears, thats not hard when animals are concerned, I am so glad things have sort of settled for you, leo is on the mend, I can now sleep again, he has to go back monday. talking of wasps, larry dug up a nest last year and was covered with them, another dash to the vets for a jab, I am getting so worried about taking them anywhere, if its not dogs snapping them, its bees biting them, or twigs poking them Ahhhhh ........... love to all my doggy friends. x

19 Jul, 2011

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