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Little pond


By pb123


I have a wooden half barrel which we use to grow marsh marigold and a dwarf waterlily. It’s N. facing, so gets no direct sun. In the week while I’ve been away the water level has gone down 3" – pure evaporation, – which shows me how hot it’s been here.

Does anyone have experience of this size of ‘pond’ in a more sunny spot? I’d like to know if it would work to put one in my sunny seaside garden.

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Perhaps you could shade it a bit with one of those miniature waterlilies or some frogbit? But you could perhaps site it to the north of a clump of taller planting or perhaps a big rock so the water wouldn't get as overheated? Or add one of those little solar waterfalls to help aerate it? Anyway if it didn't work you'd have a nice half barrel for planting something else in...
Tiny ponds can be difficult to balance but if you've done it once...

11 Jul, 2018



12 Jul, 2018


There's nothing to lose really - give it a try!

13 Jul, 2018


I have a wooden water feature facing south I have Iris water lilies that do well in it. Its not as deep as a real half wooden barrel.

13 Jul, 2018


How's it been coping in the hot sun we've had Thrupennybit?

13 Jul, 2018


It's coped well my water Iris also the small water Lily s has flowered they are all doing very well even with the water level going down with evaporation about the same as yours. It is exposed to full midday and afternoon sun no shade.

14 Jul, 2018


We have a wooden half barrel pond in a very sunny spot in our garden, with a large water lily, we top it up most days, mainly because it is leaking!!.....we have planted around it....( one half) for the 3 frogs, they need the cover, especially in this heat.,..will post a picture or two!

14 Jul, 2018


The frogs also need access in and out.

15 Jul, 2018


It is sunk into the ground.....

15 Jul, 2018

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