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My rockery through the year-part 3


By pcw


Last one
Dianthus ‘Oakington’-4 June

Edraianthus species-4 June

Erigeron species-4 June

Verbascum ‘Letitia’-4 June

Geranium dalmaticum-6 June

10 June-Allium,Verbascum,Hebe,Scabious

Dianthus variety-15 June

Scabiosa lucida-15 June

15 June-Allium,Scabious,Dianthus,Santolina,Hebe,Erigeron

17 June-Allium,Scabious,Verbascum,Oreogonum,Dianthus,

17 June-Santolina,Dianthus,Erigeron,Campanula,Hebe

17 June-Dianthus,Erigeron

Campanula seedling-17 June

Erigeron species-17 June

Scabiosa lucida-17 June

Frankenia thymifolia-3 July

Allium beesianum-5 July

Acis autumnalis-17 August

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Wonderful to see so many different alpines growing so well. Straight to Favourites again.

16 Sep, 2018


A case of 'small is beautiful.' It must give you great pleasure, pcw. I

16 Sep, 2018


That was before the heatwave ! The rocks and gravel must have kept the soil moist and cool. Well done.

17 Sep, 2018


Such a varied collection - must have taken ages to choose all those! I do love the seedling campanula - if there are seeds surplus to requirements don't throw them away!
Is the little golden shrub the Santoline? What variety is it please - have never seen a gold one.

17 Sep, 2018


Thanks SG andDB
Linda-it's the best bit of my garden at the moment
Stera-the Campanula turned up in a pot of Something else.Possibly C.cochlearifolia x something else.It was much better last year.The Santolina is called Lemon Fizz.

18 Sep, 2018


The plants are doing well. Do you keep a strict eye on them to stop them going rampant?

18 Sep, 2018


It's only the small mauve Allium that is a problem as it seeds a lot.I've got rid of a lot after flowering.It's a lovely little plant but needs deadheading straight away.
Some of the others may outgrow their space in time,but there is nothing that can't be easily removed or cut back.

19 Sep, 2018


2020, Just looked at your rockery trilogy, some delightful plants.

5 Mar, 2020

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