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By peet


I’m new to Grows on You (see – I haven’t even started to automatically call it GOY. Or is it GoY?) I’m not new to computers, social networking, gardening or even blogging. I have to say that I am astounded by the active interest and genuine warmth that I see on this site. Well done, everyone. Carry on.

I spent a few hours yesterday uploading my garden on to the site. Now, I notice that not everyone bothers with this, but I would recommend it. I thought there wasn’t much variety in my own garden (given that over a third of it is devoted to vegetables) but a simple roll call of flowers (shrubs to follow!) soon made me realise the diversity I enjoy every year. Don’t think of it as a chore or a simple inventory – consider it another chance to plan for the future and to look back with fondness at last season’s highlights.

Yesterday’s gentle drizzle was replaced last night with violent winds and heavier rain. Unfortunately, this battered the crocuses, which were looking so wonderful. Now, they resemble little flattened soldiers. This morning the sky is bright blue again but we are allegedly about to get some snow. I think I’ll get outside and make the most of the brightness while it lasts.

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Peet, it was bad enough to realise that I had started 'blogging' when I came onto GOY and you tell me that I am also 'social networking'? You guys will have me texting next (not much chance) :-o).

4 Mar, 2009


Poor crocus flowers ~ all flattened.

Peet, Peat, Pete ~

I'm glad you're enjoying Grows On You and Grows on You and GOY and GoY. Lol.

Seems your garden records are going to be very impressive.

Enjoy GoY. :o)

4 Mar, 2009


Sorry, Bulbaholic. Stop. But don't worry. Stop. Texting isn't so bad. Stop. It's just the equivalent of a telegram. Stop. 8-)

4 Mar, 2009


After the heavy rain we had a heavy frost too. I think I've lost a lot of my fuchsias this winter. I don't mind rain but I hate frost and snow. I hope we don't get any more now.

GoY/GOY is an education in itself. I've learnt some new words - lol, omg, lamo ( or is it loma ? )
And I've learnt there are little faces that look sideways at you. I have a permanent crick in my neck from trying to look them in the eye. :o)

Welcome to GoY . Oh and I nearly set the house on fire a few weeks ago because I went to look at the photos on this site and forgot I'd turned the oven on.

Best wishes, Hywel.

4 Mar, 2009


Hi Peet - it's lovely to meet you. Yes - we've got awful weather down here as well. Like you, it tipped it down yesterday and the wind screamed!!! Today started sunny but noew it is SNOWING!! No gardening for me I fear, and I have plenty to do out there!

You are so right - I've been a member for what seems a lifetime - and I use the 'my garden' section as a catalogue of plants. Very useful to check back and find out what did well or what didn't. I have an awful lot of garden photos too -

I have had messages from poor souls who have tried looking through them all but have passed out and needed a large brandy to recover! LOL ;-)

4 Mar, 2009


Hi Peet,

I only joined GoY last month and I love it here. Im gradually uploading my plants too and its making me realise just how many species I have actually got - I just didnt realise.
We had the wind last night as well - really fierce gusts so loads of sticks to clear up! -

Love your spud picture!!

4 Mar, 2009


Hi peet welcome to GOY

4 Mar, 2009


This morning our crocus etc were laid low by the snow. Since then it has been generally bright and sunny, though cold, and most of the crocus have recovered well.

4 Mar, 2009


Hello Peet....Welcome to GOY..GoY...gOy...goy. Glad you are enjoying it here with all us wacky gardeners.
Sorry to hear about your nasty weather....please don't send it this snow is finally just starting to melt.
Your crocus look sad but at least you got to see them standing tall and looking lovely for a while before they got flattened. :o)

4 Mar, 2009


Hello Peet, Welcome to GoY. I'm also new & did my first blog yesterday, but your's is much more interesting. PamD.

4 Mar, 2009


Hi Peet,
I've just been looking at the Garden section of your homepage. I can see it makes sense to list things you have growing and it is interesting for others to know what you have in your garden.
The reason I haven't done it is because mostly I don't have a clue what the common name for a lot of my plants is, let alone the proper name.
However, you have prompted me to have a go, so tomorrow I shall have a look for an 'A' to begin with.

4 Mar, 2009


yes Peet...our crocuses were flattened too ! : (..Snow here tonight too,but only a flutter...oh well...lets see what tomorrow brings !

4 Mar, 2009


hi pete, i have also started listing mine. it is the kick up the bum i needed. i have tried several times of the year to do it in a nice book but always fell by the wayside. i have tried grouping mine by genus as i have several varities of the same species.
enjoyed your blog and your photoshop? picture. my hsband does things like that. i thought it was just him.

4 Mar, 2009


Good to see that a few more people have been prompted to add plants to their garden section. I think that the more information there is, the more everyone can learn from each other: if you have success in a particular area of the garden (shady/wet etc), that is always helpful information. I wonder if a 'garden plan' section on the site would be useful?

As for the avatar (picture of me), once you start messing about with Photoshop, it's very difficult to stop. You can get some great effects with very little work. I'll upload a few more in the next day or so...

5 Mar, 2009

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